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Portables (Apple)

Submission + - 1984 Days of Bad PR for Apple (

david_adams writes: "I know you have been covering the way Apple has been handling the App Store. For all of us over at OSNews, this Google Voice thing was the straw that broke the camel's back. I've got an idea, and I was hoping we could get you to go along with it. The plan is simple. We get as many journalists, bloggers, and other online thought leaders to make an explicit commitment to write something critical of Apple every day for 1984 days (obviously the number is just a publicity stunt in itself — we don't have to be too serious about it) or until Apple does one simple thing: Throw AT&T under the bus They do this by releasing the Google Voice app, blaming the whole thing on AT&T, and proclaiming that they're not going to let AT&T push them around anymore. Our side of the deal will be to let them save face and take this as a gentlemen's agreement that they understand who they work for (the consumers) and that they'll shape up this whole App Store fiasco. I've written a complete manifesto over at my site. But I don't want this to be an OSNews thing. I thought that if we could get a few sites together to commit to giving Apple sustained bad PR until they shape up, we could all sign our names to a short and pithy manifesto on its own web site. Interested? I'm totally open to suggestions on how I could improve or change my manifesto. I'd love for this to be a collaborative effort."
The Internet

Submission + - Let's Use the Internet to Subvert Democracy! (

david_adams writes: "All the recent talk about various polls and elections being pranked or hijacked, serious and silly alike, prompted me to write an article about the technical realities behind online polling and the political fallout of ever becoming subject to online voting for serious elections. Even if we were to be able to limit voting to legitimate, legal voters, the realities of social networking and the rise of internet-based movements would dramatically alter the political landscape if online voting were to become commonplace."

Submission + - Amazon buys Kindle-competitor Stanza (

Mike writes: "Amazon has just bought Lexcycle, the year-old company behind Stanza. Stanza was the iPhone's free answer to the Amazon Kindle. Stanza became one of Apple's more popular apps by allowing users to tap into 100,000 books and periodicals, and now Kindle and Stanza are now under one roof. Does this bode well for the future of e-book consumers, or will this ultimately be a bad move for those who read e-books?"

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