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Comment Kids Don't Do Commercials ... (Score 1) 138

Hulu is a joke, Hulu Plus is an insult. The broadcast industry in general is an insult. Protected Entitled Industry is Entitled ... well, Entitled to NOTHING.

My Son, who is 20, simply hasn't watched "Commercial Infested" Entertainment for 4+ years? Most of his friends are the same way. The "commercial" model is not sustainable for much longer, then it will be dead ... good bye and good riddance. Hulu Plus? Utter Joke and isn't competition for NetFlix in the least. Hulu is the titanic of the Broadcast industry ... it's going to go under and take a lot of entities with it.

So tired of the "Entertainment Industry" wagging the dog so-to-speak. Once Ala-Carte pricing hits, and it will hit sooner or later, the "whoosh" of money leaving the entire industry will be deafening and long over due.

Comment Haters Making Much of Nothing ... (Score 3, Informative) 189

The reality is that the "Hater Community" got their panties in a twist when PGI didn't "kow tow" to their demands ... that "Haters" predicted the changes would kill the game, which they didn't, and now they are basically forced to double-down and spread even more negativity.

I play at the competitive level, and the game is in the best shape it has been in so far ... there is one big outstanding issue (HSR/Hit Detection) that once fixed will make MWO a solid platform ... There is still lots of stuff that needs to be done, but from a "how does the game play", it's in great shape.

As far as the haters issues? Blown way out of proportion. The "real money" item? called "cool shot" ... and can be purchased with "free money" ... can only be used once per match, and rarely, if ever, affects the outcome of a match. Cool Shot is Manufactured crisis 1. "Ghost Heat" is a mechanic that limits how many weapons of a certain type you can fire at once ... you can still equip them, you just have to be careful how you use them. It has virtually stopped the worst abuses as it was intended and made the actual game experience better then before. Ghost Heat is Manufactured crisis 2. "Third Person View" (3PV) was added to the game to help new players ... and it can do that. It's rarely used and generally only by n00b players and is NEVER seen in competitive 12v12 games. It's really a non-issue as far as the game is concerned. "3PV" is manufactured crisis 3.

In the end, the only people the haters are really hurting is their friends and the rest of the community. Nobody I knows spends any times at all in the official forums or in other places like reddit because of all the hate these twits are spewing. Right now, the best thing that can happen for the game is if the Haters would STFU and GTFO and go bother some other game ... that is the #1 thing that would help MWO right now.

Comment Ice Moved to Antarctic? (Score 1) 757

In other News, the Ice at the Antarctic is experiencing record highs. What's ironic is the Global Warming Fanatic Alarmists only point out what furthers their agenda: On NOES the ice is melting!1!!!1 ... wait ... don't look behind the curtain ... don't pay attention to the ice that is growing at the other pole ... don't look there ... don't pull back THAT curtain ... we only want to ALARM people to further our Agenda. Seriously ... the earth warms ... the earth cools ... this is somehow news? Worse yet is we have very little to no control over it, and what control we think we have might end up doing more harm then good. Can you imagine allowing these nut cases to fly off the handle and try to seriously influence the temperature of the earth with some hair brained scheme? When you look at the state of the billions of people in the "3rd World" countries and forecast what impact they "might" have on the global climate and the realization to "Save the Planet" (as the nut cases so speak) means literally imposing martial law on those billions you quickly come to the realization that all this is little more then "tilting at windmills". Absolutely astounding at how many smart people out there that are so dumb with regards to the reality of the situation.

Comment Re:And this is news? (Score 1) 668

Your just a little naive aren't you? You need to dig deeper into how the cash all works. Politics, both on a national level, as well as at the organizational level has more impact then you realize. Just need to follow the money ... that is if you REALLY want to know what is going on. Then again, you just may be happy eating sausage and are not the type to take the time to actually FULLY understand how it's made :-)

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