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Comment Re:How comparable are the waveforms from this app? (Score 1) 25

"Each user would have the phone situated on different surfaces with different resonances, which I presume would lead to different readings and waveforms."

Sure, but if you combine a couple of thousand readings from roughly the same location, it will give you a pretty exact picture. That way you can eliminate trucks, metro or other sources of data pollution.

So this is how the next sci fi movie tracks the truck with the cargo: Lets zoom in, in impossible sharpen mode, oh, look they have the app running, quick, track the truck by sieving all the data from the app in that city and plotting the truck travel. This is kinda how massive detectors at places like LHC work on sub atomic particles to track in detectors like ATLAS; so it isn't too much of a stretch to scale it to macro.

Comment Re:I like it and will recommend it to anyone. (Score 1) 465

Amen , bro. I had my receptionist PC get vmundo'ed because her Symantec Corp hadn't been updated for ages. She logs on and off the lan daily, but the IT dept has decided to not release the lock on SAV Corp for Liveupdates, and have made other silly decisions re the amount of updates the SAV service would do. It was like they picked the worst features and locked them out, then disabled the useful ones. Grr.

Comment Re:So the banks looking for the biggest handouts . (Score 1) 749

... were also looking for the cheapest labour they could get.

I'm suspecting that you'll also find that those were the banks handing out the biggest bonuses for their executives.

When this disaster is over, I recommend lots of government regulations to ensure that, in the future, none of the banks (or other financial institutions) ever get "so big that we cannot let them fail".

In theory, with the "Free Market", these banks WOULD fail because they were badly managed. Instead, we're propping them up and rewarding their failed management.

I agree, Ron Paul should be listened to more often. Rewarding is a bad idea since there needs to be some fundamental changes to make a sustainable market.

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 178

It's pretty impressive that Facebook has been able to grow so quickly and handle so much traffic. Their down time has been pretty insignificant related to the sheer number of requests that blow through their servers every day.

There's probably a thing or two that can be learned from their developers and IT folks. I just wish I knew more about the whole underlying structure so I could appreciate exactly what they've done.

I agree. I wonder how much of the Google Map Reduce and other innovations they brought into being are borrowed into facebook. I would like to see more details too!

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