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Comment Re:Joke ? (Score 1) 450

Should espionage and violation of national security for political gain ever be something joked about by a major party Presidential candidate?

So instead of the candidate who made an already-made-several-times-by-other-people joke, you prefer the candidate who looks you in the eye and knowingly, deliberately, repeatedly lies to you about her handling of matters related to espionage and national security? Why?

Comment Re:Joke ? (Score 3, Insightful) 450

As opposed to waiting six months at a time for Clinton to even hold a press conference (it's been that long - that's how scared she is of her own supporting media) and then knowing, based on years of examples, that quite a bit of what she says are bald-faced lies? And, you're not scared of HER scary proposals? She's gleefully in favor of infringing on constitutionally protected rights, supports nationally self-destructive immigration policies, and wants to see the government involved in wildly more private sector activities, at both the business and personal level. She also "says a ton of things," but because it's done in that focus-group-tuned, calculating Clinton way, it's actually a lot more sinister.

Comment Re: Er (Score 1) 500

What does the engineering difference between those two styles of air brakes have to do with the judgement call of when or whether to apply brakes in the first place? Is the fact that a guy in Nice, France chose to run down 84 people with an air-brake-equipped truck just an engineering failure, as far as you're concerned?

Comment Re:Not violating the law (Score 1) 647

No, it's saying they can't promise them the quality of the offer. Other emails draw attention to the fact that the sorts of appointments that can be handed out are going fast, and there's even a "last call" to staffers to get them the donor names/numbers so they can get it wrapped up. Yeah, it's relevant, because the very act of talking about the quality of the appointments left to dole out conveys the routine-ness of the DNC's activities in this regard.

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 1) 647

Go to any of the numerous news outlets that have already culled out the boring email from the big dump, and just dig out the stuff from DNC finance boss Scott Corner. He's actually somewhat apologetic that he can't promise some contributors would get anything better than "The President’s Commission on the Celebration of Women in American History" in exchange for being loyal campaign supporters.

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 1) 647

Why so rude?

I was responding in a tone I thought appropriate to a comment in a tone that couldn't be serious. DNC finance boss Scott Corner's solicitations of names and contact info and the ensuing conversation about doling out appointments to supporters (even as he tried to lower expectations about just how juicy a given appointment might be for supporters - he apologetically said "It’s much more likely they’ll get something like ‘President’s Commission on the Celebration of Women in American History.’") has been widely reported. Anyone who's actually interested in any of this would have to go out of their way to avoid reading highlights like these. Numerous outlets have already done the dirty work of digging out the "interesting" emails from among the pile of more mundane stuff, so you don't have to hunt them down yourself.

Comment Re:And still people won't vote for Gary Johnson (Score 1) 647

One party nominated a racist

Have you read the emails? You know, where Clinton's DNC operatives are gleefully making jokes about Mexican ethnicity, ridiculing a black woman over her name, that sort of thing? Not paying attention when Hillary Clinton makes remarks about getting some "colored people time" in her schedule? No? Too distasteful for you? I see.

Comment Re:Why is this not bad for Drumpf? (Score 1) 647

If he's in cahoots with Putin and the like, why are the GOP still so in love with him?

What indication, other than the breathless nonsense uttered by a Hillary shill in an interview, do you have that Trump is "in cahoots" with the Russians? Be specific.

The only connection between Trump and the Russians is that both of them find her to be an annoying liar. Of course everybody else notices that, too. Which means we're ALL in on the conspiracy, right? Please.

The GOP still likes to rattle their sabres at them from time to time, yet for some reason now they're buddy-buddy.

Please provide examples of this buddy-buddy relationship you're describing, which appears to be exactly the opposite of reality.

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