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Comment You Don't Get What You Pay For (Score 1) 209

We already paid for this through tax breaks to the providers. I have a choice to have or not have a connection, one DSL provider (Frontier), 3Mb is top tier, is really 1.5 at best and I have seen it as low as ~386k at peak times. It is infuriating. Sadly, there is a waiting list for that crappy service because they are the only provider and won't even expand the COs for new customers. Spectrum just strung all new lines along the main road, 400 yards away. And there is an older service line that passes from there to less that 100' of my house. But the new cable is for 'infrastructure or some such because they service no one in my vast rural service area; even thought the coax service line is strung through more than half of the community. it is abandoned and rots in place, and we all get shit service. They already paid out the "tax breaks" as dividends...

Comment Critics not "exactly right" (Score 0) 302

"But on Monday it admitted that electricity consumers would be forced to pay a portion of the clean up costs through higher electricity bills." Which is exactly what would have happened before the accident if the company had not been externalizing it's costs. I am no fan of corporate welfare, and I am smart enough to know I am below average IQ for a 6 digit Slashdot user. But - They could "pay now or pay later." The argument could be made the plant would not have been built because of the costs. But these costs would never have been forecast, because the event was not forecast. Just $.02

Comment Re:Nice propaganda piece (Score 2) 472

Without regard to the rest of your comment - US universities, and specifically California schools (like Berkeley) go out of their way to take foreign students before US kids because tuition is so much higher for them. Follow the money.

Comment Not That Simple (Score 1) 530

I, too, am looking towards a future without fossil fuels and the problems and associated healthcare costs. But realize that when we do, and oil companies lose their economies of scale - that lubricant in the wind turbine and the one in the machine that makes PVs is going to be exponentially more expensive. As is your parent's IV tubing when they need medical care. The non-zero sum game cuts both ways. And that is OK, just don't overlook that.

Comment I Know This One! (Score 1) 266

Never thought I would get to say that on /.! I work in a hospital and set up PCs for Cath-lab, surgical anesthesia monitors and stuff all the time. As far as this goes the hospital usually just buy the seats (or whatever) for the software and you install it. All the software like this comes with explicit and unambiguous instructions for directory and file type exclusions. Right or wrong, the software will run fine if this is done correctly - it will crash if it is not. First, all the posters are right, windows is crap and shouldn't be used. But it is chicken and egg - the hospitals buy it because that is what all the vendors write their apps for, and the vendors code for Windows because that is what hospitals buy. I am stuck with it. There are a few vendors that run Linux end-to-end, but it is rare.

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