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Comment Re:Not hard to fix... (Score 2) 566

The problem is that it requires a Republican Congress to vote in favor of something that lets corporations get away with being stingy. Trump might decide to support it because he doesn't like Silicon Valley, but I can't imagine a Republican Congress siding with the little guy when it comes to money.

Comment I was that horrible boss (Score 1) 300

Through the gradual process of being promoted to "senior" developer, team lead, architect, etc, I found myself in the fantasy world of senior management.

I was told, in 360 reviews, that my "management by sarcasm" approach was, while effective, making other people afraid to step out of line. The demands of the role on my work / lifestyle balance - only sleeping 5 hours a day and working pretty much every other moment - left me angry, tired and ultimately seriously ill. My kids started calling me "grumpy Dad".

I'd become everything I hated...

... so I quit.

I took a huge pay cut to go back to what I loved: coding. I refuse to be promoted to management or leadership roles. I do what I enjoy, every single day. Sure, there's things I miss. But getting back my relationships with my kids, my wife - rebuilding my health and sanity - is the greater reward.

Comment Re:I blame Trump. (Score 4, Insightful) 1149

That man opened the door for lunatics like this. His followers are gleefully jumping through the door and this is what we get as a nation. I also blame the GOP for this because of their desire for power in Washington. They let this happen unchecked.

Trump may be aggravating it, but this isn't new. Some idiot attacked Sikhs a few years ago because he thought their turbans meant they were Muslims.

Racism doesn't always attract the brightest bulbs.

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