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Comment Re:Nice. (Score 2) 183

A big chunk of the shipping price for used items is passed along to the seller as a "shipping allowance" that may cover the cost of shipping the product. For CDs and DVDs sent as Media Mail within the US, it probably does. For books, it's less certain. Anyway, reduce that price, Amazon will reduce the shipping allowance, and sellers will remove a lot of their low-priced inventory from Amazon.

Comment Re:And this is different how? (Score 1) 49

Thanks. I really was curious how an app too new to have many ratings could end up in "best". DxO Labs had one other app in the store (which had been there for approximately two years, with new versions released), and sells other applications outside the store, and those could have been the influences. I have not used their applications so have no impression of their quality.

Comment And this is different how? (Score 1) 49

Back in mid-December 2015, DxO Labs released an app called "DxO Optics Pro for Photos". That's right, it's a photo-enhancement app that works with your Photos library, or something like that.

This was Version 1.0. It was soon top left on the "Best New Apps" section of the App Store's "Featured" screen, even though "We have not received enough ratings to display an average for the current version of this application." Which led me to wonder how this app could be considered "best".

How did this work, if not paid placement? Someone at the Fruit Company was looking at what just escaped from review and said "hey, that's really cool, let's feature it"? Number of installations per recent unit time?

Comment Re:Why do people still care about C++ for kernel d (Score 1) 365

How about if the kernel was written in Pascal? HP did that with early HP-UX for the HP 9000 Series 500. Like most Pascals of the day, it had extensions, and HP called its flavor "MODCAL". I guess what I'm saying is, this isn't surprising, and if you can satisfy the requirements of the system call interface and section 2 of the manual, the result can be usable (though HP-UX on the series 500 had some userland-visible oddities).

Comment Re:Related to huge spike of spam? (Score 1) 47

Yeah, something like that. This was going on months ago with pacbell.net/sbcglobal.net/att.net/yahoo.com addresses, a little before that with yahoo.de addresses and has been recurring as the spammers discover another XSS exploit in Yahoo's amazing web pile. "The Yahoo XSS exploit" really understates the case. I think Yahoo fixes them, but they've got a lot of code to churn through and I doubt anyone really knows what all is in there.

The one I looked at was an e-mail with one-line body urging me to check out a link that appeared to be a news page about some work-at-home thing. What wasn't obvious was the little iframe sourced from something in kr.yahoo.com; that got some JavaScript injected into it to capture cookies and send 'em to some other server, which I presume captured the Yahoo Mail session cookie and permitted the spammers to use it to trawl another lucky winner's contacts and/or inbox and send folks more of the same.

Comment Re:hacked? (Score 2) 54

Thanks, saw that, guess I'm used to having to click a couple times to get to actual info from a /. article. Turns out the big blob of text about payday loans only shows up for those of us who are picky about what sites we let run JavaScript code in our browsers. I guess it's just there for SEO link juice and is not intended to be seen by humans. But, security site using WordPress, pointing out WordPress plugin vulnerability, and is hacked, oh the hugh manatee!

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