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Comment This isn't going to replace that much. (Score 1) 142

Working in the food distribution industry currently I can tell you this isnt that new of a product. While we do not operate anything like this but the convience of it would be unparalleled to what a human work can do. This particular item I've read reviews on NASA's use of them in the JPL where they have some 6000 odd parts they use for repairs and such. These are quite useful for varied part orders when your working with tens of 1000s of items. Where a customer may want 10 different things that can be stationed across a millon sq feet of distro center. I dont see these making it in a high moving Business to Business centers where most are ran by conveyers now and auto sorted and orders are large enough that time to grab all these different shelving would be offset. These do look like they might make an impact on internet sales distribution centers on smaller items. While the other robotic systems people seem to be talking about are ARAS systems that are robitic racking systems but they are track oriented with set leveling, the big difference is these are free to roam so to speak.

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