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Comment And here I thought... (Score 1) 272

...that someone found and interesting chemical compound is the atmosphere or some other evidence of microscopic life on Venus, instead this guy claims he sees a "black flap" in pictures from the 80's. The article itself doesn't even have pictures with red circles around these flying magic aliens for me to gawk at and laugh about. I'm not only questioning Slashdot, but the original story, why would anyone care?

Comment Re:Take it as long as they pay you an extra amount (Score 1) 410

Agreed, you have to take. Even if they weren't planning on paying you for on call duty. The key word above is "new" as in "a new manager". Sounds like you are either going to become useful in the way this new manager wants you to be, or you will quickly become an example of the fact that this manager is willing to let go people who aren't following his plan.

Comment Re:Rule #1 of government.... (Score 1) 124

It'd be nice if they were irrelevant, unfortunately all they are managing to do is drive up the cost of everything the government pays for and shield incompetent and even dangerous employees working for the government while providing no protection for the american worker from big business. Or at least that is how they work in America, that and they bury Jimmy Hoffa in Giants Stadium.

Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

This would probably be handled exactly the way it's handled if somebody's drinking gets in the way of work. Treatment if it's a touchy-feelie company, termination if it's a draconian company, or indifference if it's an average company. To be honest most of your argument would be identical if you replaced "smoking pot" with "being a sober idiot". I don't think anybody would suggest we can really legislate idiocy with any hope of success either.

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