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Comment Not a bad approach. (Score 1) 221

At a company I worked for, the project request document template resembled a contract. Included on it was a statement acknowledging in advance that any change to the stated requirements would result in a mandatory delay AND cost increase. This quashed any kvetching about delays (because now they're not really late), and encouraged people to do two things: 1. Only insert changes that were actually absolutely necessary, 2. Save "nice to have" features for subsequent iterations.

Comment Re:Or simply install Linux (Score 1) 578

Dude... 20 years of "experience" on servers == no desktop experience.

My day job is building Windows apps. But on MY computers (a laptop and a netbook) I prefer to run Ubuntu. On the laptop I use Cairo-Dock. It feels a LOT like a Mac. The Netbook has a much smaller screen, so for that I use Unity. Either one of them is better than Windows on the respective device.

Lest somebody actually believe you...
Here's what Cairo-Dock is like:
And here's a vid of an Australian mum trying Ubuntu for the first time. She's using the default Unity desktop, and she finds it "logical":

Now, Xubuntu, which you tried, would make sense if you were running it on some pretty old hardware with the knowledge that it is pretty stripped-down, Even then, it's just a standard application menu and a traditional windowed environment, not terribly different from Windows XP. It stretches credulity that you found this difficult to use:

Now, I'm not calling you a troll, and I'm not questioning your intelligence, but maybe computers just aren't your thing. Might I suggest a good book?

Comment Re:Lies, Inc. (Score 1) 41

Why waste time with getting warrants for wiretaps when they can just let loose a few fly drones in the suspect's window?

Which is why I think I'll start immediate work on electrified window screens that can scramble robot flies' circuitry. Then I'll sell them to the CIA for protection against their own tech.

Every problem is an opportunity. Stay thirsty, my friend.

Comment Re:Why not a laptop? (Score 1) 263

Those are good answers to the question "why not a laptop?" but it still doesn't answer whether the Kindle is worth the money. It isn't.

For around a hundred bucks I got a Palm T|X. It's better than the Kindle for most purposes, and I have an extra $400 for books. Benefits of the Palm....
- it easily fits in a pocket.
- it can be read in pitch-black darkness (the Kindle can't), and the battery easily lasts long enough to read an entire book. Longer if I turn off the wi-fi and Bluetooth when I'm not using it.
- it easily fits in a pocket.
- supports multiple formats, including plain text, doc, eReader, pdf...
- it easily fits in a pocket.
- it also allows me to take notes, use a calculator, track my appointments, read email, search Google, play games, and listen to music. I can carry SDRAM cards.
- it easily fits in a pocket.

A Kindle is big, clunky, and underpowered by comparison. The Palm has a smaller screen, as you can expect (did I mention it fits easily in a pocket?). The iPhone is likewise better than the Kindle for the same reason. We're not comparing these devices to books, so your statements here are puzzling. You can search on a laptop, or PDA as well. You're going to carry a phone anyway... why not make it an iPhone or Palm Pre that gives you the connectivity, convenience and the capability you want without having to lug an expensive and frankly redundant bit of limited electronics like the Kindle?

As for the eBooks, they can be gotten in all the same places. I personally make my own books in eReader's PDB format from public domain works on Project Gutenberg. Some authors are releasing their works under Creative Commons licenses. They cost me nothing and I can give them away (never mind the lending). And there is that $400 I saved... it amounts to 40 books in the Amazon store or more than that elsewhere.

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