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Comment time to declare war? (Score 5, Insightful) 245

If a foreign government agency had spent years gathering data, and was mining it for undisclosed (possibly nefarious) purposes, It would be known as a dangerous spy network, would be subjected to infiltration/corruption and possible attack. I completely fail to understand why people tell FB anything about themselves ever, and don't request immediate deletion of all the data held about them. When governments try and spy on someone, they get all upset about it, when FB does it, and freely allows the data to be sold to the highest bidder/anyone who cares to look, people think its really cool and useful. what does it take for people to say enough is enough? Is it too late now, since the data is already gathered? why do I fail to see the upside of FB and its data gathering ilk?

Comment Re:Please don't do it (Score 1) 67

well they sound like mines,could look like mines, could act like mines, are being researched by the US military, will be under the control of the US military, and can have ANY payloads attached the US military see fit. In fact its such a great idea , I can believe no one thought of it before ........... oh wait....

Comment Re:Please don't do it (Score 1) 67

Indeed, covering Giant robotic Sea Mines, with so much legal astroturf that they sound like a good idea to the American government, does not unfortunately remove the fact that they are giant robotic sea mines. If the US needs any help , from whats left of the British navy, I'm sure a treaty can be fabricated to get us to lay a few for you too....

Comment 1kg is 1 kg (Score 2) 177

Since it is the standard, surely its the world that needs to bend a little (space-time wise) to fit in with the new standard? surely the standard (master) kilo still weighs exactly 1 kg by definition?

Comment Re:It's been tried (Score 1) 284

count me as one of them lost tourists/fliers. I have spent lots of time in the USA, and have flown there from the UK on many occasions, before and after the 9/11 attacks. unfortunately, due to some rough treatment by customs/border guards on my last trip, I have flat out refused to ever go there again......

Submission + - By 2017 coal will come close to surpassing oil as the world's top energy source ( 1

overmoderated writes: Coal's share of the global energy mix continues to rise, and by 2017 coal will come close to surpassing oil as the world's top energy source, the International Energy Agency said today as it released its annual Medium-Term Coal Market Report (MCMR). Although the growth rate of coal slows from the breakneck pace of the last decade, global coal consumption by 2017 stands at 4.32 billion tonnes of oil equivalent (btoe), versus around 4.4 btoe for oil, based on IEA medium-term projections.

The IEA expects that coal demand will increase in every region of the world except in the United States, where coal is being pushed out by natural gas.


Submission + - Instagram: So long, and thanks for all the pics! ( 3

alphatel writes: Instagram said today that it has the perpetual right to sell users' photographs without payment or notification, a dramatic policy shift that quickly sparked a public outcry.

The new intellectual property policy, which takes effect on January 16, comes three months after Facebook completed its acquisition of the popular photo-sharing site. Unless Instagram users delete their accounts before the January deadline, they cannot opt out. Perhaps most alarming? Underage users are not exempt.
Athough Instagram's terms of service state you must be at least 13 years old to sign up for the service, the new terms indicate that if a youth signs up, they are agreeing that a parent or guardian is aware that their image, username and photos can also be used in ads.

The Internet

Submission + - ISP Walks Out of Piracy Talks: Not The Internet Police (

An anonymous reader writes: A leading Australian Internet service provider has pulled out of negotiations to create a warning notice scheme aimed at reducing online piracy. iiNet, the ISP that was sued by Hollywood after refusing to help chase down alleged infringers, said that it can’t make any progress with righthsolders if they don’t make their content freely available at a reasonable price. The ISP adds that holding extra data on customers’ habits is inappropriate and not their responsibility.

Submission + - Students protest biometric scanner move (

Presto Vivace writes: "Newcastle University students protest biometric scanner move

UNIVERSITY students may have to scan their fingerprints in future — to prove they are not bunking off lectures. ... ... Newcastle Free Education Network has organised protests against the plans, claiming the scanners would "'turn universities into border checkpoints" and "reduce university to the attendance of lectures alone".


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