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Comment Paper ballots are HORRIBLE (Score 1) 127

I am an officer of election. We use DRE machines. We black-box test them before each election, the exact same technique that is the gold standard for software testing by any reputable QA team. A properly-tested machine is far better than any paper-based system. It provides immediate feedback to the voter. It can display in large fonts. It can be used by the disabled. It has almost no moving parts. It cannot get jammed. It does not have to guess what a vote is, it is unequivocal. Paper is a miserable medium. It gets lost. It gets wrinkled. It can be marked haphazardly or incompletely. NO ONE counts paper ballots by hand. Humans are TERRIBLE at repetitive tasks, that's why we invented machines to do this kind of work for us. Even optical ballots are counted by machine, so it is no different than a direct-recording machine -- except it has many more moving parts, and has to GUESS at the voters intent.

Comment Re: Why at a place of learning? (Score 1) 1007

Unless you are willing to personally recreate every scientific experiment ever made whose assumptions you are incorporating into your hypotheses, you MUST accept a certain level of "belief" in order to Science. But go ahead, pretend like you are being completely objective and the other guy is a mindless twit.

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