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Submission + - Why Does Science Appear to Be Getting Things Increasingly Wrong?

azaris writes: Recent revelations of heavily policy-driven or even falsified science have raised concern in the general public, but especially in the scientific community itself. It's not purely a question of political or commercial interference either (as is often claimed when it comes to e.g. climate research) — scientists themselves are increasingly incentivised to game the system for improved career prospects, more funding, or simply because they perceive everyone else to do it, too. Even discounting outright fraud or manipulation of data, the widespread use of methodologies known to be invalid plagues many fields and is leading to an increasing inability to reproduce recent findings (the so-called crisis of reproducibility) that puts the very basis of our reliance on scientific research results at risk. Of course, one could claim that science is by nature self-correcting, but the problem appears to be getting worse before it gets better.

Is it time for more scientists to speak out openly about raising the level of transparency and honesty in their field?

Submission + - Senior Executive challenges

dave-man writes: The stories surrounding Hillary Clinton's use of e-mail while Secretary of State (such as this one ) have caused me to ponder the challenges associated with supporting senior people and just how oblivious they can be. Politics aside, comments like that in the article about "convenience" are not unique to Ms. Clinton. Senior executives in government and industry talk about things they should not in media they should not. While most readers of /. have multiple e-mail accounts on phones, tablets, and computers it seems to be "too hard" for some executives. Is this a UI problem? A training problem? An attention-span problem? Why do senior people do demonstrably stupid things?

Comment Re: Storage (Score 1) 516

Trimming trees costs a lot of money. Regulatory agencies drive the prices for power (and then point fingers at the utilities). So the utility does what they have to and then waits for the weather to point to weak spots. Then the utility files for Federal emergency funds and hires crews and equipment from far away to clean up and ... trim trees.

Comment Re:Yeah, right... (Score 1) 459

Sorry. I think you are incorrect. My experience is that unlike other minorities I have worked for and had work for me, that American Blacks are the most racist of any ethnic group. Blacks hire people who look like them more than any other ethnic group. Look at the numbers on a micro level and there is a cultural problem, at least in the United States.

Comment So? (Score 1) 764

I don't care what his personal preferences are. The iPhone 6 is still too damn big to fit in a pocket. Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave and it isn't because Mr. Cook likes men.

Comment The articles (Score 1) 610

The articles are not credible. Anyone that writes MW/h when they mean MWh has no concept of what they are talking about.

The underlying analysis may or may not be valid. There isn't sufficient definition of the assumptions to assess credibility. The report would not withstand any real peer review.

Comment Re:Obligatoriness Extraordinaire (Score 1) 237

Agreed. That means for the foreseeable future (twenty years or more as any substantial breakthrough in efficiency would be apparent now for something that would be productized in the next ten years) rooftops are not enough. Ignore the space required for storage and you still have huge amounts of land being chewed up for energy production that are not available for anything else: agriculture, residential, commercial, manufacturing, ...

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 341

So where is this happening? I use a lot of data, working from home, running Netflix all day to keep me company, lots of downloads and uploads ... all on Comcast. I certainly have my issues with them but I've never seen a data surcharge (Annapolis MD, near Washington DC and Baltimore MD). Where are the surcharges happening?

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