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Submission + - The Physics Behind Your Favorite Science Fiction Theme (

davcorp writes: "Ever wonder why you can't get your favorite Science Fiction Theme out of your head. Apparently there is a Science even behind the music that defines your favorite Genre. When you think about science fiction theme tunes, chances are there are a few that are especially stirring and heroic. Star Wars. 2001: A Space Odyssey. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Superman: The Movie. And all of these theme tunes have something in common: they rely on the same basic intervals."

Comment mmmm all nighter hair pulling compile time wasting (Score 1) 539

I cut my teeth on Slackware .9 something that I had to download on an OS/2 box I had built.. yes.... OS/2... I had to download the floppies.. no ISO image at the time... I think eventually they allowed a generic TFTP or FTP session to download all the dependencies but that wasn't until years later and even on Dialup, it took hours... God, I can remember having to know ABSOLUTELY what hardware was inside the system I built.. I mean EVERYTHING in order to compile the kernel proper... and then after hours of work and Q&A with the config, you'd get the dreaded kernel panic.... Then back to the drawing board... Yeah, it was an effing nightmare, but man did I learn a lot... and I don't recall getting much sleep. Once Lynx was installed and vi and pine (do they still make pine?) I was set... But don't get me started on X-windows and Trident video drivers... I will start swinging....

I also remember (fondly) at some point in the compilation process (in verbose) I think I saw a mention of killing Kenny.. and the term, My God, they killed Kenny! You Bastards!

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