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Comment Great idea (Score 2) 430

I own a very big building with many floors, and over 100 apartments on it, and I think a small nuclear plant is just what I need. I will place it just below the roof of the building, on the highest floor. It gets flooded every now and then because I sincerely don't have enough time to repair it, but I think this nuke should stand this and much more. I will just place it there, plug it in and just forget that I have it. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Comment Re:Bad things COULD happen. (Score 1) 360

I completely agree with you. Why only a mile of concrete? Let's make it 100 miles. Wait, even better, let's build a 1,083,210,000,000 km3 solid rock roughly round sphere, then fill it with air and a little water. If you place an iron core inside it, it will rotate and will generate a nice shield that will protect you from all those cosmic rays and solar flares. You can even make it orbit the sun so that you can get some bonus energy to power it all...
Desktops (Apple)

StarCraft II Mac Client Beta Available 123

An anonymous reader writes "Blizzard has released the Mac client of the StarCraft II multiplayer beta. If you already have an invite for the PC beta, the Mac client is available under your account." A recent patch also added a map editor to the StarCraft II beta, which has already led to some interesting projects.

Comment Re:Holy shit (Score 1) 618

Also, you might not want to be there when the door has to be unlocked (you might be at work). If you set up some automatic software to open it up for you at the desired time of the day, you won't run into trouble when you have to attend some unexpected late evening meeting and your kids can't access their computers due to this.

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