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Comment Transference of Blame (Score 1) 641

It's really easy to shift blame away from your loved ones, and onto a faceless corporation while throwing your arms up in the air and shouting:

"Please, won't someone think of the children!"

The fact of the matter is: his daughter chose to drive drunk, and she crashed the [fast] car. Not only did she endanger herself, but her passenger as well.
The bottom line is: his daughter would still be alive had she driven sober [and this is a true fact if the car she was driving is fast or slow]

Comment No Reports About what they FOUND on the phone (Score 2) 99

Maybe the contents of the phone contained NO helpful information pertaining to the investigation - and perhaps the FBI doesn't want to admit that they jumped created this huge FUSS and it provided no distinctive investigative advantage over not having access to the data on the phone.

Comment Re:Teach Problem Solving (Score 1) 281

I tend to agree - file this under "too little, too late"

By the time these kids grow up and enter the job market, the practical aspect of what they are being taught today will likely be obsolete.
Public education simply can't keep pace with the rate at which technology advances and changes.

I'm even more worried about the effect that _FORCING_ computer science on kids in schools will have on their choice to enter the field.

Ex: I reside in Canada where I was forced to take French from grades 4-9
To this day I don't speak a word of French. ;)

Food for Thought.

Comment Sadly... (Score 2) 206

Sadly, after reading the article - this appears to be an indication of the level of "iOS Hate[rs]" in the Andriod community, rather than a cogent assessment of the application's quality or ease of use.

I'm almost certain most of the 1-star reviews come from people who recently made the jump in the other direction, from iOS -> Android.

Comment Re:Even better career (Score 1) 264

Well, if $150k in Silicon Valley is "Good", then YES: 100K in Silicon Valley would actually be an "entry level CS salary"
(as scary as that is, being equivalent to the $50-77k we're used to for the same entry level CS job here in Canada)

Consider that a nice 1 bedroom condo in downtown Toronto might go for $400k
The same size of Condo would be priced at $900k in San Mateo.

Salaries for the same job scale with the cost of living (although not a perfect 1:1)

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