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Comment Thank you! It's about Walter IRL (Score 3) 193

thank you.. This is the problem, this assclown is representing his delusions as state of the art in the Infosec world. None of us in that community had heard of this dude before.

We have enough problems with the world at large assuming that everything we do is magic. Walter's bullshit is actively damaging to our field.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 7

They would get them back and then punish them and then separate them.

Exactly. If that's what he deserves, then truth will out.

And I have seen an awful lot of people saying that he wasn't worth any particular effort to get back, which is pretty close to "let him rot." That's just mind-boggling to me.

User Journal

Journal Journal: These are the things in my head at night 7

Then-PFC, now-SGT Bergdahl may in fact have deserted his post. There are certainly credible accusations to that effect, and if so, then he should be tried and convicted for the crime. But it's a whole lot easier to investigate those charges with him here, and we don't let the Taliban mete out justice for us.

Comment Re:Exposes All The Lies (Score 1) 40

You're an idiot.

Jeff hasn't been a part of Black Hat for years now, and the last connections between BlackHat and Defcon were broken last year. ,there's nothing about 'silencing' this guy, he's just another one of the many hundreds of CFP submissions that don't make it to the top of the pile.
and No, it's loaded with *quotes*, not facts.

Comment Re: Black market baby powder - Banks? (Score 2) 40

speaking from experience, it comes down to this. the people with a critical eye to all this stuff (like me) don't have access to the big picture. I can only speak to the stuff I've worked on personally, and it doesn't add to what people are telling us.

Conversely, the people who *do* have access to the bigger picture stuff, have no vested interest in giving us the unfiltered truth (or any truth at all), so although they're in a position to know that's actually happening a little more clearly, we have no reason to believe that they're telling us anywhere near the truth of the matter

(remember, Mandiant told us the Chinese Sky Is Falling for *years* before they finally decided to 'show their work' with the APT1 document, until that point, their whole proof was "Trust us, we see more than you do". The government wonks take the same approach.)

Comment Re:Black market baby powder - Banks? (Score 1) 40

yeah, I got the same feeling too, the meat of the presentation seems to be stuff that those of us that do this for a living have know for years (there is no head of the dragon, but there are a lot of snakes out there). Kudos to someone standing against the warhawk cyberwar types, but the whole preso, while interesting, seemed more like a book pimping session, wrapped up in a lot of pandering to people's existing knowledge.

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