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Comment Ah, this will help network throughput...... maybe. (Score 2) 100

As a network engineer, I can see being involved in arguments between the server platform support teams (read: off-shore) and the network engineering teams (read: on-shore). It'll be like this; "we need network support on a call" "Hello. what's wrong?" "The entire network is down for everyone!!!!! You need to fix this!!!!! The support we get from you is horrible!!!! AAHHHHhhhhhhh!!!!!!" "OK. What changed? What was being done at the time the entire network disappeared for everyone?" "we (15 people on the call - it apparently takes that many) were doing nothing (to do nothing)." "OK, well, I'm on the cores and I can see a lot of traffic, other servers, the outside world etc. you need to define the "everything being down" part." "well, we were in the middle of doing a firmware update on server xxx01 and...." "OK, so, you lied to me about doing nothing. what did you update?" "the NIC card to improve performance for..." "And now you're wondering why the network is down..." It'll go this way for some time until the next couple of layers of management get involved....... lots of yelling, me sending pictures of the network working I should write a script for this call. I know it'll be coming.

Submission + - question about Cisco redundancy?

data plumber writes: This is regarding a corporate LAN enviroment. Dual, redundant Cisco 6509s running dual, redundant fiber uplinks to 3750 stacks (the works). Redundancy all around in an effort to not have any downtime for a pysical problem. One stacking port goes bad and the 3750 stack starts sending data up both fiber uplinks to both 6509 cores jabbering about it's IP address while the stacking ports are arguing about whick one has a connection or not. The result is routing loops on the cores and a corporate LAN that packs up. This is the "industry leading giant" that can have a corporate LAN taken out by 1(one) bad port that all this redundancy is supposed to prevent from happening?

So you call vendor tech support...... You spend all this time and money engineering a solution, buying equipment from a vendor that is not exactly the "loss leader" of the industry and you get a poop response like the one below.

Cisco bug CSCsc54052 -

A Cisco 3750 Stack with a single faulty stacking port may cause unexpected conditions.


1) other non-related stacking ports may flap in addition to the faulty stacking port:
%STACKMGR-6-STACK_LINK_CHANGE: Stack Port 1 Switch 5 has changed to state DOWN
%STACKMGR-6-STACK_LINK_CHANGE: Stack Port 1 Switch 5 has changed to state UP
2) switches not associatated with the faulty stack port may hang

Remove and replace the switch that has a faulty stacking port.

Please let me know if you have futher questions

Aynone else having this kind of fun and are there any fixes other than pitching the several mil$ network equipment and starting again? Please remeber, I did not design this, I just fix it.

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