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Comment Re:My 0.02 (Score 1) 361

Seriously, this is a cool project and anyone who has a problem with this kind of thing should have their slashdot account suspended pending a review of their nerd status. I myself made a simple 31 bit processor with FORTH as the OS. It taught me a lot. This is what hobbies are all about. A safe place to experiment with ideas and try something out. I've used that experience to do other things that I wouldn't have even otherwise tried. Supposed "silly" projects can make "serious" projects possible - even if only to broaden your perspective. Might even get you a different job.

Emulation of 32 bit on 8 bit: its guaranteed to be slow in the first few releases due to various bottlenecks... but hey, optimise the data i/o and you could actually make something of this. People used to bitch about how slow serial ports were.

Comment Re:Being near him is worth what, now? (Score 1) 289

That job isn't much different from so many others. technical side + administrative + travel. Good job for someone starting out or wanting a change. An undergrad eng student with a well rounded mind should breeze this. (And be highly employable afterwards!)

On a different note, I get the sense that most of the people commenting now aren't actually techs or even remotely capable of tech unless it's handed to them on a silver platter... oooh there's no documentation.... waaaa! babies. Seriously, if you need everything 100% documented before you can work on it, go and get a job outside IT/engineering. Maybe in a gov bureaucracy or a big corp filling out TPS reports or similar. (Then you'll just complain there's no creative element etc).

Slashdot is full of MBAs. Bitter ones at that. Idiots who would expect 100K for this job. Shit its just basic grad work.

Comment Re:3L 2L (Score 1) 725

More likely Europe simply tolerates imperial because its useful for some things or its just plain down to interoperability. In Australia I have no trouble communicating in both. It just comes down to context. eg a discussion about someone's height in cm or feet as well as cm or metres. Building measurements in metres or millimetres.

Anything important is done in metric. I've never heard anyone actually talk in furlongs or chains etc. If you're seriously into imperial you wouldn't talk of distances in hundreds of miles for example

As for bolts - its only because you're so caught up in fractions of inches that there is even an issue. My lathe certainly can't tell the difference...


Comment Re:Very functional (Score 1) 722

ditto. similar method...

i name servers by their coords in the rack then the VMs on them by the application they run /. provide.

i've tried a few other methods. i've just plain lost interest in cutesy names. I figure that a real name should be attached to a real being that knows I exist - not a piece of metal and fancy sand.

Comment Re:i'd recommend... backups... (Score 1) 219

Crazy talk. These "backups" will never take off. Why, you'd need twice or many more copies of everything! Storage isn't cheap you know! There would need to be custom hardware, special software to allow simultaneous writes. It would be a maintenance nightmare!

You deal with fire using a bucket of water. Flooding? Get another bucket. Theft? Cut off their hands.

Comment Re:Without the person even being aware? (Score 1) 573

The device gets snuck onto some unwitting person's luggage.

Now, you see somebody is struggling with a heavy suitcase through a transport facility. (Say Liberty International Airport, or O'Hare, or Grand Central Station at 4:30 on a Friday.)

Do you help him/her, or do you run like hell?

No. I don't help others with luggage. I figure if they packed it they should live with the consequences of overloading.

As for your experiment, that's just bad experimental design from start to finish. The exploratory questions don't make sense.

Comment Re:doctors protect doctors (Score 1) 151

This is an anomaly. The medical community(doctors in particular) doesn't cotton to these sorts of antics from outsiders. Just wait to this becomes more widely known amongst the Doctor fraternity. It will become like mid-wifery - a fringe practice prone to potentially costing your baby its life.

Seriously, on everything in your post, WTF?!

Comment Re:Can't believe they released this shit (Score 1) 401

[...]. Its like they actually want to punish us to use their software. It may be better now. But a couple of years ago it was pretty pitiful.

Still is.

iPhone isn't just a shiny platform, it's actually usable. The tools actually work...the draconian and random appstore rules OTOH are a total let down.
I've been given extended evaluation of winmobiles and hate every one of them. Used 4 different phones and happily gave them back at the end if the 2 month eval. Useless dev tools.

Android is getting better. iphone is already there but has zero freedom associated with it.

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