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Comment Re:Moore's law (Score 1) 549

This was my big question as well. And even if Moore's law does start tapering off, will wireless standards be able to handle the amount of traffic that everybody having one or two always-on devices would generate? I would imagine that the number of collisions would be catastrophic at some point. Could somebody smarter than me explain how there isn't a limitation on wireless communication based upon the limited frequency ranges and minimal signal strength required to prevent interference from causing failure? Wouldn't the same physical constraints that will kill Moore's law impact wireless communication as well?

Comment Re:I understand these modern times and all... (Score 1) 875

The great folly in comparing the socialized sectors of foreign economies to that of the United States is forgetting the extra bureaucracy that would be required to apply the program to the population. It is nearly a 300 million person increase from Finland's population to that of the States, more if you include the number of illegal immigrants that we would provide coverage for. The question then becomes how quickly the cost of that bureaucracy increases as population increases. Looking at the quality of living in China, I'd go with exponential over linear.

Comment Stationed in Iraq (Score 5, Interesting) 737

For those of you that aren't aware, LAN gaming is very much alive with our soldiers stationed in Iraq. Starcraft, Warcraft 3, and Dawn of War were all extremely popular for those with laptops. Even attempting to validate a cdkey through the tiny pipe that is the on-base internet connection would prevent most people from being able to play. This is a disgusting money grab. Nothing more.

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