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Comment Re:Don't forget about Apple. (Score 1) 497

I never really had an issue with Microsoft's lock in as such, it was just that we were locked into to something shitty and there were no viable choices.

Apple doesn't have 90% of the phone market, and it's pretty safe to say they never will. Microsoft had enough of the desktop market to make themselves the only option. Only the prevalence of the Internet solved this by making the OS that you're working on less important.

Don't like Apple's phone model? There are about 5000 other phones you can buy, all running a different OS and all with their own strengths and weaknesses. You are not locked into Apple's model. They run their business how they see fit and it does not cause me any issue (I don't have an iphone).

Comment Re:Cannonical is just trolling us (Score 1) 984

You seem to be really pissed about losing a few gig. Maybe you should buy SAS hard drives instead and move the fuck on. You didn't lose anything. You got what you paid for.

Also you must be really pissed about the amounts that the hard drive manufacturers are ripping you in particular off, due to your fucked maths. (2^10)^3 is a gigabyte, not 2^1000, or, yes, 2^30, but maybe this will make it easier to understand as a gig in decimal is then (10^3)^3, Tera is ^4 and so on. 2^1000 is many, many orders of magnitude off. It's so far off that it's not even wrong. I doubt all the data on the planet would fill a tenth of your GB "standard". Let's just say that these decimal KBs are just to protect you and people like you, from the complexities of simple math.

You remember how your maths teacher told you that you would use the maths one day? Don't. Use the calculator or get someone else to do it. Just shut the fuck up about how you're "losing" a gigabyte because someone changed the standard. It's like complaining that you car isn't as fast when you measure the speed in miles, or maybe that the car should be able to go the same speed as the speedometer says.

Comment Re:Some statistics (Score 2, Informative) 440

Firefox 3.5
10.6 (Darwin 10.x): 1,497,221 (26%)
10.5 (Darwin 9.x): 2,855,842 (50%)
10.4 (Darwin 8.x): 1,379,770 (24%)
All versions of Mac OS X: 5,732,833

Firefox 3.6
10.6 (Darwin 10.x): 186,825 (59%)
10.5 (Darwin 9.x): 91,478 (29%)
10.4 (Darwin 8.x): 35,960 (12%)
All versions of Mac OS X: 314,263

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 213

I've been calling for this for years, on Slashdot and other venues. ISPs do monitor suspicious behaviour. I can remember many many years ago when I was much younger and playing around with netbus and scanning the default port 1234 with it for about 20 minutes. The next day we got a call from the ISP asking if everything was okay.

This was more likely because of complaints from 40+ year old men watching firewall logs. Back in the day we used to get people installing things like zone alarm, or some other kinda dodgy firewall which alerted them to the fact that someone was trying to scan their machine. Oh the stupid shit that they would ring up with, expecting us to be akin to the police. We would sometimes do something, and sometimes not, depending on how many complaints they would send (the more you sent, the less likely action would be taken). The only action taken though was ringing and asking what was going on, explaining that perhaps they had a virus (or a teenager).

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