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Comment Versions Versions Versions (Score 1) 879

For me it's because of the many versions and because of what think is a really high price for an operating system. The thing is I wouldn't mind paying a little more if I was able to use the OS without restrictions. As it is now the only reason I use a windows machine is to play games and even that reason is becoming less important to me. I think that within a year or two there will be no reason to stick with MS and just move to open source tools altogether.

Comment look at how we start out. (Score 1) 378

From my experience a lot of the people in IT start out as withdrawn kids. After all we did find that little box of electronic parts so fascinating that we were willing to spend hours and hours in front of it instead of going outside. Most us of seem to eventually come out of our shell and join the rest of society. It really isn't surprising to me that some continue along their antisocial path. I think they are the ones that these type of articles are written about.

Comment Re:So let me get this right (Score 1) 214

"You believe there is a need for IT department, but even you have rough time determining what that need would be. If you cannot think of a reason yourself, why are you suggesting it to begin with?"

That's a very good point.

The OP might want to sit down and think about how he/she would lay out a new IT dept. Think about what tasks need to be done and what resources are needed to make that happen. That should help get the process of writing the proposal rolling.

Comment In a word... (Score 1) 332

No. When it comes to protecting your data. The only way someone can be sure that everything that can be done has been done is to do it themselves. I prefer to think of cloud data storage in the same way I do banks. If I go with one that's well known as being reputable then I probably won't see any issues, but there's still a chance that one of their employees can do something dishonest.

Comment Re:Reflections (Score 1) 960

What was the budget structure of your company? Did your dept manager offer to pay for the upgrades, or did you just pound your fists on the table and demand the RAM that you so richly deserve? You clearly had grudge for the IT dept head or you wouldn't be so happy the he/she was "reprimanded".

Since I've been on both sides of the argument I've been able to see that a lot of companies tend to treat IT as they would the maintenance staff, and woe be to the maintenance person that says no to them. Even though most budgets are being slashed, the attitude tends to be that IT can just suck it up and "just make it work". That is why IT seem like such jerks. They're tired of being treated like children and then thrown under the bus when something goes wrong...which is usually because they didn't have the money to put a proper solution in place to begin with.

Comment Re:Proper LAN Design (Score 2) 165

There isn't enough info for us to know for sure. Assuming the parent poster is living in dorms. The deal with the ISP probably has the AP's VLAN'ing the SSID's back to their controller, and the university is probably just allowing the ISP to run their cabling on the uni's property. This is becoming a common setup for cash strapped organizations like colleges and hospitals since it cuts down on net admin costs. the short term anyway.

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