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Comment The punchline (Score 1) 532

A californian, theoretical physicist, and London PR agent walk into a science museum. The californian asks the theoretical physicist a vague philosophical question and the PR agent publishes it. "Win your own trip to London my friends and this too could be you!"

The punchline? Slashdotters think stephen should stfu. Imagine winning a trip to London, getting to meet stephen hawking, and you decide to have some camp-fire-bullshit talk while touring a museum and all he does is say, "sorry, I'm just a theoretical physicist and am thoroughly incapable of making small talk", or worse, starring you down with no response.

Comment Re:For those interested... (Score 1) 82

The OP mentioned Arduino. The front page provides an arduino sample and further down demonstrates uploading the firmware. This works with the beefier platforms. See also

But if you're talking about something running with 256kb of ram, then Go's current runtime isn't suitable. I've seen new runtime implementations for working with such systems though I don't recall the name of the project or links but there's nothing inherently preventative of Go for use on such systems given an appropriate runtime.

Comment Re:So no one has used it yet? (Score 1) 82

There's so many

and the list goes on and on with startups ( and big names ( alike. Just google for more or explore github.

Comment the last line of the summary (Score 1) 71

paints such an interesting, far-from-the-truth picture of reality. Hackers being some personable people that point out flaws in current solutions to complex technological problems along with possible solutions instead of the OCD code warriors they likely tend to be for the sake of coding itself. People actively seek out flaws for the sake of flaws themselves, not some happenstance that they exist except in the most trivial issues.

Comment Re:Mo-tiv-a-tion (Score 1) 583

I think you hit the core issue but missed the point. Motivation, ambition, those are things you can work with. You may perhaps pay off the ambitious man, but the AI in question may want nothing at all. A cold killer and nothing more.

I don't think musk is far off, but the problem sure is and he's aware of that at some level with his out-there analogy.

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