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Comment Re:Here we see the difference between Free and Sla (Score 1) 424

The biggest feature is probably the one least talked about, and that is Gatekeeper. It's pseudo-iOS-like, because by default it only allows apps from "identified" developers to run on your system, but when you try to run an unsigned app it lets you know how to turn it off. It should be noted that "identified" does not mean App Store only, though obviously App Store developers are "identified".

And if Gatekeeper is on it is still possible to start an unsigned app by right-clicking it and selecting "Open" from the context-menu. Doing this once will mark it as "safe".

Comment Re:That was quick (Score 1) 601

... and there is more:

Nokia has today announced the appointment of Chris Weber as President of Nokia Inc. (US), and head of Markets, North America as of February 11, 2011. Chris Weber comes to Nokia from his own consulting business focused on helping companies develop world class sales cultures. He is a Microsoft veteran, who during his 16 years with the company held several senior executive positions in sales, marketing and professional services.

Submission + - Pricing Strategies -- iPad Vs. iPhone Games (

An anonymous reader writes: Though Apple's iPad has launched to incredible sales, some developers with iPhone experience under their belts — and who are now building for the iPad as well — are struggling with how to strategize and price around titles for the new touch-screen platform. Some have chosen to create "universal builds" — gamers can buy one version and receive the other version as a freebie. Others are developing separate builds for each platform and are pricing them separately. It's all a matter of business strategy, they say.

Comment Re:Too much lockdown! (Score 2, Insightful) 237

Yes, MS is a software company... and yet, they don't lock down any of the software options within their operating systems.

But they do. The Xbox 360 is locked down and software can only be installed if it passes certification from Xbox LIVE.

or [Apple is] a PR company, more concerned with convincing you to buy something, than with the actual nature product.

Apple only spends about a third of the marketing budget that MS expends.

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