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Comment not too surprising (Score 1) 231

but "enterprise" (aka Patronage Fiefdoms) prefer to spend big money on invoices from other "enterprises" rather than trust their own people to do anything. That way if anything goes wrong they can just blame the vendor, have someone to sue, etc. It's pathetic but we have a lot of pathological culture in our large organizations. Starting with them being run by people who don't know how to do jack shit but get hired as "executives".

Comment Re:Can I sue HP? (Score 1) 91

they should be sued. the company has been absolutely ruined. the prices even then were cheap, 7 companies controlled 90% of the market? Fucking hell of a lot better than MOST ANYTHING going on in this country. Choices for internet I have: three. one and a half of which are comcast, the other shitty phone company dsl. This is actually the NEXT BIG THING. American consumers are getting screwed constantly by these middleman companies that just slap a logo on commodity grade goods and sell it for an absurd markup. Price underwear sometimes, it's insane. and surprise surprise, no real price competition. Well, they compete to see who can sell the most expensive. consumer revolt now :)

Comment any common idiot could have predicted this (Score 1) 1010

any common idiot could have predicted this, too bad microsoft only listens to extraordinary idiots. they scared the end-user away and even more advanced users didn't realize how easy it was to ditch Metro. Yet even ditched it's annoying that it's there. Win 7 didn't need to be replaced, they've got a good thing here. Why in hell they thought a PC needed a tablet interface will be a question people ask for a long time to come. anyway, a mouse is better than fingers unless you have to lug the thing around in your hand.

Comment technology adiction (Score 2) 51

any thoughts on how to make mobile info tech less addictive? We know it's constantly tickling the reward system, and people increasingly feel significant anxiety when separated from their devices. Do you see any reason at all to think we're not just inventing the ultimate conditioning tool? Particularly once we go to continuous input via say gGlass.

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