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Google's Slideshow of Interesting Things 72

Kilrah_il writes "Google's Creative Labs came out with a slideshow of interesting things on the web. In the slideshow you will find 'a lot of interesting HTML5 apps, iPhone apps, visualization tools, 3D projections, art projects, creative YouTube videos, crowdsourcing services and many other interesting things.' It's basically a collection of fascinating little projects people have made and then distributed to the internet at large. Guaranteed to ruin your productivity for today. You can view it with Google Docs."

Submission + - Gates Foundation buys $23m of Monsanto shares

Dystopian Rebel writes: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has purchased 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock worth more than $23m US, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission from August 2010.

As reported by the Real Food blog, the significant investment by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in agribusiness giant Monsanto has been criticized by experts and activists who are concerned in particular about the impact of Monsanto's technology and the company's treatment of small-scale farmers in Africa.

Dr. Phil Bereano, University of Washington Professor Emeritus and recognized expert on genetic engineering, condemned the investment as an "enormous conflict of interest". "Monsanto has a history of blatant disregard for the interests and well-being of small farmers around the world, as well as an appalling environmental track record," he said in a press release. The investment, says Bereano, casts serious doubt "on the Foundation's heavy funding of agricultural development in Africa and purported goal of alleviating poverty and hunger among small-scale farmers."

As an example of Monsanto's destructive behaviour, the press release mentions that Monsanto gave free maize seeds to small-scale farmers. When the seeds failed to produce and the rate of crop failure reached 80%, Monsanto compensated large farming operations that purchased the seeds, but did nothing for the small-scale farmers.

"When the economic power of Gates is coupled with the irresponsibility of Monsanto, the outlook for African smallholders is not very promising," said Mariam Mayet, environmental attorney and director of the Africa Centre for Biosafety in Johannesburg. "Monsanto's aggressive patenting practices have also monopolized control over seed in ways that deny farmers control over their own harvest, going so far as to sue and bankrupt farmers for patent infringement."

Comment Re:Oh no. Not again. (Score 1) 409

Didn't you get the memo? In the revised editions:

Boba Fett was Han Solo's Father, and jabba the hutt was the spawn of yoda, a slug, and a big bottle of tequila...

Here is to thinking boba fett was a better mystery figure than explained one(was he even human pre-E2?)

Comment Re:KOTOR II (Score 1) 84

Strange, I played the unpatched versino of Dragon Age with maybe 2 crashes in the entire 80+ hour game.

And neither of them was game breaking
As for the "KotOR 2 was rushed, pity the Devs", more importantly, pity the people that bought it. The storyline was a mess filled with philosophical Mumbo-Jumbo. Was worse than trying to read Dune:Messiah(Okay, maybe it was a tie)

Comment Re:Remember their motto... (Score 1) 84

KotOR2 better than KotOR1 for story telling?

What version of KotOR2 did you play? The still in progress Comunity Expansion Pack?
KotOR1 took the best bits of the Star Wars Trilogy, and reorganised them to make something just as epic and fun
KotOR2 was more like "How ccan we make the plotline deep and meaningful, without adding anything?
The box art villain had to be killed before he was named
And the whole cutting Jedi off from the force?
KotOR2 suffered from a bad case of post-credits-WTF-happened-Read-Wiki syndrome

Even the box art is wrong(prize to the person who can spot 2 impossible screenshots there...)

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