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Comment Re: This is better than what Obama did (Score 2) 268

Oh good. Keep repeating "ignorant butt-hurt Socialists". Over and over. That'll win you some friends.

I'm not a Socialist – I'm actually a capitalist. I'm an honest capitalist. I'm a pragmatic capitalist. And 66M Americans – 3M more than voted for Twitler – aren't Socialist either. And your side's endless blathering about (((Socialists))) isn't going to magically make them Socialists either. (And I'm betting you live in one of those "socialist/welfare states" by which I mean your state receives more federal dollars than it collects in taxes, while my state pays more. I'd love to end that little "entitlement" you've got going there.)

And speaking of willful ignorance. Just keep on ignoring the fact that he's a facist, racist, misogynist, draft dodging, lying, cheating, tax dodging, pussy grabbing, bully, serial adulterer, and did I forget anything else? I'm sure I did. Go back and watch the video where he mocked the reporter with the speech impediment and tell me you're proud of that. Watch the videos where he told his jack booted thugs to kick the crap out of people, and then come back and tell us that that's how you want the rest of the world to see us. Go read the stories about the people he did business with and then didn't pay them what he agreed; then come back and tell us that's a guy you want to do business with. Go on.

There is no "get with the program." You, and the rest of the people like you can just forget that. We're not going to "get over it because we lost." We're just going to turn it around on you and tell you "we're not going away, just get over it." You drove around with your "Impeach Obama" bumper sticker for eight years. Now we're going to to exactly the same thing. Get over it.

And his tax returns are significant, not matter how many times you try to claim they're not. So again, "get over it." We're going to keep pushing for them for as long as he's in office. We just are, so STFU about it already you whiney little turd. And in the mean time, just so we're on an even footing, we'll call you an ignorant butt-hurt loser fascist. And you are a fascist, don't kid yourself. Because a real American wouldn't be the least bit threatened by other people speaking their minds. This is like First Amendment kind of stuff. You know that, right?

Comment Re: This is better than what Obama did (Score 5, Insightful) 268

It's not suddenly important. It's been important all along. Trying to claim otherwise is one of those Alternate Facts that Kellyann likes to blather about.

I couldn't care less if he used a loophole. Actually, I do care – I want a loophole too. Or I want his loophole closed. What I really care about though is that he might have sources of income that would indicate he has conflicts of interest. We already do have laws that prohibit conflicts of interest by executive branch members. Google "emoluments" for more info. While some claim those laws don't apply to the president, no court has yet ruled on it, and every president going back to at least Reagan has both released his taxes and put his assets into a blind trust to avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest.

In the end, it's about how it looks. And Trump just looks bad for refusing to do those things. And a lot of other things too.

Comment Re:how much for a horse whip mount (Score 1) 79

SATA is old and dead in 2017

emmc and PCIe are the interfaces of the present

why not just mount it via NFS

NFS on a 100baseT on the USB bus and a slow chipset. yeahrite.

over a PPP connection

you're a funny dude. First you tell me that SATA is old and dead in 2017, then suggest using PPP. I haven't used PPP since around 1994 on a 56K modem. Sure, PCIe would be nice, but it's even more expensive than SATA. We're already not getting SATA, so I'd wager getting PCIe is even further behind.

Comment Re:I'd happily pay $5 more for a SATA port (Score 1) 79

The reason these boards are cheap is that they are using surplus SOCs designed for smart TVs and set top boxes. A board that had SATA or PCIe support would cost much more than $5 extra.

Whatever. $5 more, $10 more. My point is that these SOCs are cute, but not worth wasting my time on.

Comment Re:Nice Play (Score 5, Interesting) 188

from the article: ... its high amount of fat, cholesterol and sodium makes it an unhealthy food...

Well, not to defend Burger King (and a bit off topic), but if you're getting the appropriate amount of exercise your body won't metabolize the fat and cholesterol, and the original research that claimed salt is bad for you was flawed (; posting this kind of counter attack could be considered – by some – as misguided. Then again, most people don't get sufficient exercise and the fat and cholesterol is bad for them.

It wasn't uncommon in the early days of the web for people to shift the bandwidth load of their websites by linking to content on other people's web servers. When those other people figured out this was happening to them, they would replace the content with something else that the bandwidth "thief" didn't intend, e.g. smut, much to the bandwidth thief's embarrassment.

A better counter attack, IMO, would have been to replace the content Burger King was expecting with something else, e.g. an audio clip of Meg Ryan's faux orgasm from "When Harry Met Sally" or a clip of HAL saying "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."

Comment Re:Calls only? (Score 1) 99

I'm not sure what planet you're on, but on this one there is WiFi and Internet access. My last coast-to-coast flights on JetBlue had it. Delta and American have it on a lot of their flights. JetBlue's price was very reasonable. I'm trying to remember if BA had it on my last flight, but I was more interested in sleeping. My colleagues who fly Emirates say their flights to Dubai and onward have it. Pretty sure I could have done FaceTime when I was using the WiFi on my last JetBlue flights.

Comment Re:Is the same happening with the Negro? (Score 0) 95

... less you pass on your "stupid fucking asshole" genes. You weren't using your testicles anyways, were you?

Unfortunately there seems to be a "stupid vacuous bunny" gene that a lot of girls have that seems to be naturally attracted to carriers of the "stupid fucking asshole" gene.

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