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Bethesda Criticized Over Buggy Releases 397

SSDNINJA writes "This editorial discusses the habit of Bethesda Softworks to release broken and buggy games with plans to just fix the problems later. Following a trend of similar issues coming up in their games, the author begs gamers to stop supporting buggy games and to spread the idea that games should be finished and quality controlled before release – not weeks after."

Comment Good ads! (Score 2, Informative) 507

I actually saw a good ad on a site the other day. It was a non-obtrusive flash ad for some travel agency where you could use some scrolling selectors to choose what you considered important for your holiday (child-friendly, sunny, lots of culture, whatever) and when you submitted the selections, it would try to match your selections to the rankings given to the travel agency's destinations by other people. Now obviously, it wasn't perfect, but I was really surprised to see an ad that tried to provide something of value to the end user, instead of some stupid blinking flash banner where you have no way of even knowing what they're trying to sell.

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