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Comment Re:And this led me off Windows Desktop... (Score 1) 275

Microsoft has decided they own your computer, so (&*#^%$ em...
Been using Windows desktop since 3.1, mostly for work and gaming, helped move the games industry off DOS4GW to Windows a long time ago. And this sort of crap has moved me from Win 10 to dual boot Win10/Linux Mint, soon to remove the Win10 partition. I've moved almost my work onto Mint, only use Win10 when I have to run a Windows app, and the few left there I'll be exploring Wine or relocating into a Win10 VM. Steam provided great Linux versions of enough of my games I no longer need Windows, and my job is moving from C++ on Windows + Linux to JS on Azure & AWS, so no longer need Windows desktop for anything bur work corporate apps and have throwaway laptop for that. Good riddance.
Will be helping all interested friends make the same transition.

Same here

With all the violations to my privacy I had enough about 12 months back, there is a much better way to work than to just take the crap thap Microsoft slings at people, combined with NSA spying and violating our security (im now semi retired due to severe health issues so have time to volenteer when I have pain levels under control) especially with voluntary pre-patent work to assist with genetic research (which the NSA is known to assist their "commercial interests" against ours who develop it), this spying made it mandatory for all researchers to protect our IP and boycott Microsoft (and others) completely. The leaders in the "five eyes" countries should be called to account for their "cooperation" which benefits the wealthiest fraction only to control all assets and the rest as slaves.

Once you move over to Linux (Im on Mint 17.3) you never want to move back.Its fast, its reliable and so flexable, you just need to make the paradigm shift and do it. Yes it was a reasonable amount of work to move our data and applications over, but once done you notice a significant acceleration in productivity.

Make the move

Comment Re:Gopher and Dungeons and Dragons (Score 1) 225

Sadly showing my age here, at 50 (last week), but remember gopher well too, kind of like an early yahoo but where the community really made life so much more informative and far far less junk (and basically no advertising) until the world "spoiled" it. When I wanted to know something I was able to find what I needed to know and was fairly confident (give or take) that what I found was reliable and accurate, and in less time that it would take now with my broadband connection @6mb/s than it was on a 300 and later a 1200 bps modem at the time.

Started using bbs's at 12, old by todays standards but then it was about 15 being average, and from 15 on the early stages with AARNET (and later Senet one of the first commercial ISPs) and from there onward working as systems programmer & analyst when I started work at about 16, up until I had to retire (for health reasons) 2 years ago.

I do miss the simpler times pre www (although I do like technology and how far it has come) but productivity wise we are no near near ahead as we should be.

Who knows though with the way surveillance and intrusion into out privacy, maybe in 20 years time people will be talking more about .onion and how it was when http / https was around.


The more the world changes, the more it stays the same

Comment Windows to Linux - Bring it On! (Score 1) 889

Hi Everyone,

For me the answer is absolutely nothing.

I do a lot of work with Excel and writing code in VBA, but when the recent details of Microsoft's Security Violations came to light we had to investigate the changeover to Linux ( My secondary machine is Linux Mint and has been for nearly a year now).

Libreoffice actually was very good, and although it means an entire rewrite of the codebase (fortunately not as big as it sounds) which does the data mining research as Libreoffice is very different in the way code needs to be written to interface from Excel VBA, it was actually not a great issue with over 90% now ported (although the last 10% will take time due to lack of documentation at this stage).

The biggest Issue I have is that NTFS on Linux is a bit of a hack and I dont consider reliable, meaning I have to transfer something like 40+TB of research raw data to drives formatted under EXT4, and verify the data (Tip - Try DC++ to generate the TTH for the files so you can compare), before the previous source drive is reformatted for the next transfer of a drive. As im working with sensitive data I have no choice but to ditch Windows for good after air-gapping the network for now.

When it became apparent what was happening with the Microsoft/NSA spying, it sent shudders down my spine, I am trained in PCI Compliance and data mining /security and this would mean the all corporates who deal with creditcards (and users who use their card online) are leaking data to Microsoft and NSA et al, and this is NOT ON!.

Goodbye Microsoft, you may have had me as a customer for over 30 years being an IT professional, but no more. The only issue I have now is finding a good antivirus (dont laugh I have used Trend for sometime, and they just dont have one as Linux is a lot more damn secure than Windows).

Where Do I want to go today? Definately not with MS.


Submission + - Vacitan Bans iOS Confessional App (

An anonymous reader writes: Despite all the hype yesterday that a lowly priest had approved the new confessional app hitting the app store, the truth has now found a way of revealing itself. According to today’s Daily Mail, a spokesman for the Vacitan, Federico Lombardi said: ‘It is essential to understand that the rites of penance require a personal dialogue between penitents and their confessor.’It cannot be replaced by a computer application’. ‘I must stress to avoid all ambiguity, under no circumstance is it possible to "confess by iPhone".’

The Vatican has warned that an app can never replace visiting a priest.


Submission + - Mobl – A DSL for Creating HTML5 Mobile Appli (

aabelro writes: Mobl is an external DSL targeted at creating cross-browser applications for mobile devices by compiling the code into HTML5, and it has been developed by Zef Hemel as part of his Ph.D. thesis in model-driven engineering and domain-specific languages, being inspired by the WebDSL project. InfoQ has discussed with Hemel in an attempt to find out more about this approach to writing mobile apps.

Submission + - New York and German stock exchanges to merge (

superapecommando writes: The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext) and Deutsche Borse have said that a planned merger between them would target €300 million (£255 million) in IT and operational cost savings.

The two exchanges last night confirmed heightened speculation that they were in advanced talks to merge, in a move that would create the world’s second largest trading venue by market capitalisation, after the Hong Kong Exchange.

The merger announcement follows hot on the heels of a statement yesterday from the London Stock Exchange that it is in advanced talks to merge with Toronto parent TMF. That merger is expected to see common IT platforms introduced in a Linux and Unix-based environment, as well as £35 million technology operational savings.


Submission + - BBC iPlayer iPad App - The Real Review (

An anonymous reader writes: Today, the BBC iPlayer launched in the UK Apple App Store. I must admit I’ve been using the Beta web version of this app on my iPad for a while now but this brand new dedicated iPad version is really something else. It allows you to watch and listen live to over 400 hours of programs from the past 7 days, this is either TV or radio programs and it works great.

Read this review to learn how to maximize your pleasure with this app.

Submission + - Samsung Galaxy S 4G will be cheaper than most new (

kingkaos69 writes: The guys at AndroidLife have just put their hands on a leaked pricing sheet from Walmart revealing the price of T-Mobile's flagship 4G phone, the Galaxy S 4G. According to the photo leaked, consumers will pay $650 if they want one S 4G without a contract, but for only $148.88 they will be able to take home a brand new smartphone with a two-year service agreement.

Submission + - Net Neutrality a the French National Assembly (

An anonymous reader writes: Net Neutrality will be in discussion at the French National Assembly on Thursday, the 17th February.

In a bold move, Christian Paul and other Representatives from the Socialist Party will propose to define the net neutrality as "the prohibition of discrimination related to content, issuers or recipients of electronic communications" and to require all Internet stakeholders to respect this key principle.

Submission + - Ozzy spoofed as a cell-phone retard in TV pilot (

An anonymous reader writes: In what appears to be the half-hour pilot of a new animated show called Massac Rehab — we join Ozzy and a bunch of other celebrities getting treatment in rehab run by the Church of Rectology!!

Ozzy receives weird phone calls from what later appears to be his own '1983' brain, an aggressive wife beating dude with a taste for video nasties and alternative ways of birth control.

Finally the coin drops for the old fella, in a Back to the Future-esque moment he realize that he's "changed the past" by getting rid of his "fat c***s for kids" as they disappear from the famiily photo...

Hillarious! (warning for coarse language...)


Submission + - Computing's new weapon against climate change (

An anonymous reader writes: A 10-petaflop IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer codenamed ‘Mira’ will be used to understanding global climate change and explore the evolution of our universe. According to IBM, the new system will be twice as fast as today's fastest supercomputer, capable of producing more than 10 quadrillion calculations per second. By contrast, the human brain's processing power has been estimated at around 100 trillion calculations per second, which equates to a puny 100 teraflops.

Submission + - Facebook for Seniors and Baby Boomers – Is I (

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook has seen a surge of 513% in sign-ups – by Seniors and over 55s!
These figures from the US, released by Nielsen, confirmed a trend that weve seen in recent years: That more seniors are becoming active on the Web. In fact, figures show that the number of older users of Facebook increased nearly tenfold in America last year, while university-age users declined by 55 per cent.


Submission + - Wikipedia for robots (

An anonymous reader writes: RoboEarth is an initiative to collect real world data for robots to learn from.

Submission + - Social Network" Episode of "The Good Wife" Feb 15 (

An anonymous reader writes: The Good Wife explores what would have happened if Mark Zuckerberg had sued the Social Network producers:
""Net Worth" — Will and Diane take on a defamation case from a young Internet billionaire, who is suing the film studio for depicting him in a negative light
Looks like Jack Carpenter ( is playing the character of Patric/Mark Zuckerberg.

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