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Comment Re:Why do you need an external camera to track hea (Score 3, Informative) 61

Exactly, I believe Oculus's crystal cove prototype from this year's CES used a combination of accelerometers and the tracking camera to keep the accelerometers synchronized with their true position. In the final version they said the camera probably won't even be necessary anymore, but just this prototype version still requires it.

Comment You must not actually "get coding" like you say. (Score 2) 876

You mention that you aren't a programmer, and it's obvious by the questions you ask. There's a reason why all of the attempts to create non-text based programming languages have failed and people revert back to text code. Because text code simply works best. If some day we can plug a computer into our brain to convert our thoughts into computer code, then I'd prefer to write code that way. But until then, the best way for us to get our thoughts and ideas into code is to write it out.

Comment Re:Must be Wednesday (Score 4, Informative) 237

"Anomalous cosmic rays, which are cosmic rays trapped in the outer heliosphere, all but vanished, dropping to less than 1 percent of previous amounts. At the same time, galactic cosmic rays – cosmic radiation from outside of the solar system – spiked to levels not seen since Voyager's launch, with intensities as much as twice previous levels."

You're welcome.

Comment Re:Online, offline - is it even fun? (Score 1) 303

In my opinion yes. All the DRM and server issues aside, I really enjoy playing the game itself. The servers are much much more stable now than on launch day, and I have no problems connecting anymore. If you look past the terrible DRM there is actually some fun gameplay to be found, which is sad because it will always be overshadowed by this scandal. I think if someone comes out with a private server for this game it will make it one of the best Simcity games I've played.

Comment Re:I wish I had pirated it lol (Score 1) 511

This. As far as I can tell the only thing the server manages is storing your save data, hosting multiple city interactions, and adjusting the "global market" prices for oil and such. If the server did all the game logic calculations then I wouldn't have been able to play for 10 minutes straight after disconnecting. They are doing a very minimal amount of number crunching, and I suspect that's why they felt overconfident in their system and didn't think they would need that many servers.

Comment Re:Confusion (Score 2) 403

Yes I have a friend who was convinced the Wii U was a tablet upgrade for the existing Wii, he didn't even realize it was a new console. Their problem is not marketing the CONSOLE itself, instead they focused way too much on the gimmicky tablet controller. People aren't even aware that the Wii U is running on much better hardware and the games can actually run higher than 480p now.

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