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Submission + - Gene Spafford Spanks Prospective Obama Refuge.

darkonc writes: A (presumed) Republican posted a question on asking:

Which Western democracy should an American conservative move to if they are afraid of Obama's policies and want to move somewhere more in line with Republican ideals?

The most popular answer to his question was from Gene Spafford (apparently a frequent contributor), who pretty much ripped the presumptions of the question apart. His final suggestions: Yemen and Afghanistan. Of course, you'd probably have to convert to Islam to take full advantage of the religious orientation of the governments there, bug beggars can't be choosers.

Submission + - Leggo store detains 11-year old boy for shopping alone

darkonc writes: An 11 year old goes into a Leggo store in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) with $200 in hard earned cash ... and doesn't come out. When his father comes to the store to meet him for lunch, he finds his son 'detained' by the store manager and a security guard — for shopping alone. Apparently, Leggo stores have a policy of apprehending young children who shop without their parents.

Submission + - Chris Hatfield ejected after finding Gravity science lightweight

darkonc writes: Chris Hatfield, the Canadian former commander of the International space station, who became a social media sensation for his transmissions from the space station, including a zero-G version of David Bowie's "A space oddity", is in the news again. He apparently went to see a 3D version of the box office hit "Gravity", and found the inacuracies in the film too much to bear. He was eventually ejected from the theatre for loudly heckling the film.

Eyewitnesses reported that during Monday night’s 9:15pm Real3D screening of Gravity, a lone man (later identified as retired ISS Commander Chris Hadfield) began muttering under his breath and chuckling to himself. By the 30-minute mark, Hadfield reportedly made numerous rude comments such as, “Nice Soyuz procedure, Hollywood!” and “Oh yeah, because that’s what hypoxia as caused by rapid cabin decompression looks like you idiots!.”


Submission + - Oracle asked for $6Billion -- Pays Google $1.1Million

darkonc writes: "Groklaw reports that judge has ordered Oracle to pay Google $1.1Million in costs over it's failed lawsuit over claimed patent and copyright violations. Oracle originally made headlines by claiming that Google owed them up to $6.1B over infringement in google's Android operating system. That claim was subsequently whittled down as low as a maximum of $130K by the judge before the jury found in favour of Google on patent issues and handing Oracle some small crumbs on copyright questions.

The judge found, among other things, that "The media attention following this case was due in large part because Oracle crafted broad, and ultimately overreaching, claims of copyright infringement.", and that "A close follower of this case will know that Oracle did not place great importance on its copyright claims until after its asserted patents started disappearing upon PTO reexamination ..."."

Submission + - Rush Limbaugh demands free porn cams in dorm rooms. (

darkonc writes: "While Dharun Ravi goes on trial for watching on his room-mate's sexual encounters on a web cam, Rush Limbaugh is demanding that they be placed in the dorm rooms, across the country. Limbaugh wants them in the rooms of students who get birth control paid for by medical plans. Limbaugh's stated intent is to watch them have sex. . Limbaugh's indecent proposal is part of a fight over whether birth control coverage should be included in the new health care bill. It was part of a response to the testimony of a Georgetown University student who testified in favour of the rule. Both Obama (who supports the proposal) and and the president of Georgetown University (who opposes it) considered Limbaugh's demands for free porn a bit over the top."

Submission + - Japan Raises Nuke Plant crisis severity to "7" (

darkonc writes: "Early Tuesday in Japan, the government decided to raise the severity level of the accident to the maximum 7 on an international scale, up from the current 5 and matching that of the 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe. The government declared the level 7 emergency because it is now estimated that the crippled plant was emitting over 10,000 terabecquerels of radioactivity for a number of hours at the height of the nuclear incident.

Previously, on Monday, the government had expanded the evacuation zone around the plant to include at least 6 cities up to 60KM away from the plant. These cities, outside of the current 20-30KM evacuation area, are now expected to exceed the 20 millisieverts/year limit on residual radiation established by International Commission on Radiological Protection and the International Atomic Energy Agency in the case of an emergency."

Submission + - Is 80,000 the new official BP spill upper bound? (

darkonc writes: "While US scientists issued a figure of 35,000-60,000 barrels (1.5-2.5 million gallons) per day on 15 June, a recent BBC article says that "The company plans to be able to handle 80,000 barrels of escaped oil per day by mid-July. " Does this mean that the official upper bound on the size of the spill is, yet again, increasing? Inquiring minds would really like to know..."
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Submission + - Linux and Windows EEE PCs have same return rate (

darkonc writes: "Laptop Magazine has an interview with ASUS CEO Jerry Shen where he talks about the past and future of the EEE PC. Included in that interview is a question about the infamous claim that Linux netbooks have a higher return rate than Windows netbooks. Shen claims that Linux and Windows EEE PCs have similar return rates."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - $700B Bailout Proposal Would Remove Oversight (

darkonc writes: "A Kuro5hin article has a pointer to a proposed version of the $700B financial buyout legislation (backup copy here). It's pretty short and to the point — The secretary can do pretty much whatever (s)he sees fit with the money with no judicial or administrative oversight.

What would you do with $700B and no strings attached?"


Submission + - Icahn shoots foot over M$ Yahoo acquisition? (

darkonc writes: "According to a CNN Money article, Carl Icahn (who is currently in a dogfight with Yahoo's board over their decision to rebuff Microsoft's $32B offer as 'too low') said Tuesday that Microsoft Corp. "can't compete" over the next 5 years unless it acquires Yahoo. Under that premise, it would seem probable that Yahoo is worth far more to Microsoft than the $32B that they offered — and that the board is right.

Icahn also refused to answer an audience member question about whether or not he's in communication with Microsoft."

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Submission + - HP: Load Linux, Lose Waranty

darkonc writes: "Currently highlighted on Groklaw's newsbytes is an article on about a woman who bought a Compaq laptop and loaded Ubuntu on it. When, some time later, the keyboard started acting up she called the Compaq for warranty repairs..
"Sorry, we do not honor our hardware warranty when you run Linux." she was told. Even an HP PR rep was unable to "do the right thing" when given a couple of weeks to work on it. It looks like HP could be an especially bad vendor for people hoping to avoid Microsoft's Monopoly Tax on arbitrary machines."

Submission + - NFL Blocks Church Superbowl Parties, Allows Bars.

darkonc writes: "It appears that the NFS doesn't want their fans praying for their teams, but they've got nothing against driving home drunk afterwards.
CNN/Sports Illustrated has the story of the NFL pouring cold water on churchs' plans for 'dry' Superbowl parties . When NFL officials saw the announcement for one such party, they told the church involved where to go with the idea. When the church turned the other cheek and resolved the initial issues (charging for the party and using the 'Superbowl' trademark), the NFL responded with more complaints ("Your TV is too big"). The Church then gave up. The NFL explained that, while it plans to treat all churches in this manner, they didn't plan to take action against bars engaging in similar activities."

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