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Comment Re:Even More Betterer (Score 1) 124

Do you have any sources for that statement? It seems to me that many games potentially have a higher skill ceiling than Starcraft. And if we're talking about cognitive skill instead of various kinds of twitch skill and brute skill (e.g., repetitively queuing up units every 30 seconds, sending different commands to multiple units as fast as possible because Blizzard doesn't want to make it "easy", etc.), Starcraft is left in the dust, in my opinion.

Comment Re:Fun Fact (Score 1) 558

Sorry, I jumped the gun there a little. You posted on a news item about captchas in general without mentioning a thing about reCaptcha, so I assumed you meant all captchas only use one word for verification, which is completely false.

Comment Re:Fun Fact (Score 1) 558

That's only for reCaptcha, you dolt. reCaptcha is charity-ware, and each captcha goes toward scanlating texts. That's why one of each pair looks much neater (and more comprehensible) than the other. The idea is that you solve a captcha and digitize some text for goodwill. Of course, this is open to abuse, which emerged most clearly during 4chan hijack of that one Time Person of the Year poll a while back. But reCaptcha does have mechanisms in place to prevent you from bullshitting the real text word (so as not to have /b/tards placing the word "penis" in every digitized text in the future), to some extent, but that is not infallible to the best of my knowledge.

Comment Re:And you think they're the only one why? (Score 1) 234

The point of a benchmark is to give a benchmark of REALISTIC performance on a device, as a user would get under normal daily usage.

Is it? In my mind, the point of a benchmark is to test the maximum performance of the device. If I wanted to measure normal daily usage, I'd test it under, y'know, normal daily usage conditions. Which for most people is checking email and playing Angry Birds on Power Saver mode, in which case I doubt the CPU and GPU would hit half of either of their (claimed or otherwise) max clock speeds. So a benchmark should only test the CPU clock speed for low-demand applications? Sure, whatever you say.

Comment Shameless Related Self-plug (Score 1) 142

This concerns more file "tagging", but a while ago I grew frustrated with the lack of real solutions for file organization (the oft-discussed but surprisingly absent-in-implementation semantic file system), so I decided to start writing my own. It can best be described as a multidimensional hierarchical abstract file system that is implemented on top of regular POSIX file systems using hard links and a handful of scripts and FUSE. It's still not feature-complete as I want it, but the basic tagging framework is done. Here's the repository for anyone interested:

Comment Re: Chrome? Why the love? (Score 1) 326

This has got to be the poorest reason to use any web browser over another. The only situation where this might be a valid reason is if both browsers are completely satisfactory, it's just this one browser has one default setting that I prefer over another. (Actually, I'm just assuming that Chrome allows you to adjust tab width too? It doesn't? Shame.)

Comment Re:practicalities make it impossible.. (Score 1) 770

It is possible that these people missed out on that stage in your life when you have a strong biological motivation to change your situation from living with parents to living independently.

Might want to rethink that statement. There's no biological reason for wanting to live independently or to change your life situation. Plently of peoples through history lived communally/in a large house as one family, and/or stuck in one place and one occupation throughout their lifetimes. There's no designated stage where one becomes an adult. In the past, one grew up gradually, a children of the past would be treated as much more mature than one now, but a young adult of the past would've been treated as much more immature than they are nowadays. Gradual growth in a safe environment was considered obvious, but in the modern age we have somehow lost even that bit of common sense. Now, you're a child until you hit 18/21 then poof, you're an adult, go and get out of the house and get a job and feed yourself and raise a family. I'm surprised we don't have more hikkikomoris here, but then again, I suppose they've manifested in all those nutcases/psychiatrical patients nowadays. Back in the day, who needed a psychiatrist?

Comment Re:Universe 25 (Score 1) 770

If you read the article, you'd know it's not overpopulation per se, but too many people and not enough social roles. I'd say that applies in this case, especially since one of the common factors that come up in the precious few books and papers on the subject mention not feeling needed, which leads to suicide.

Coddling is certainly one aspect of it, which is why the syndrome is more acute in Japan due to cultural reasons, but such bouts of isolation to depression and escapism sometimes culminating in suicide is not uncommon in other parts of the world either. It's important to note that this only appears in developed countries, where it is much more likely for someone to literally be useless and unneeded (see recent increases in unemployment).

Comment Re: Universe 25 (Score 1) 770

I lived in Japan for some time.

There's your problem. Growing up in Japan is completely different from living there for some time. Much of it is subtext. Employees and CEOs are not fired, they "voluntarily resign". Kids do not bully each other, they just "joke" and "tease" and "teach social behavior". Everything is an act; the concept of being yourself simply doesn't exist. Of course, foreigners are not held to the same expectations, generally.

Comment Re:You know (Score 1) 122

By your logic, the Internet is illegal, since you can access all manner of illegal content in as few as three clicks. Hell, illegal pron viruses sometimes flows to your computer without you even doing anything.

Heck, by your logic, people are illegal because they enable piracy. We should ban those annoying buggers.

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