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Comment Re:A plea to fuck off. (Score 3, Insightful) 365

Except that in the year 2015, attackers have realized that it is far easier to just attack companies directly instead. A password manager, or a manually typed 50-character password that is unique to the site isn't going to change poor security one bit. If you don't trust a recognized password manager, I hope you keep your life savings in your mattress as well.

Comment LastPass (Score 1) 191

This scenario sounds like something a password manager can easily solve, especially something like LastPass Enterprise which has a Preloaded Password Vault and Policy configuration. While you can debate the security of having all your eggs in one basket (master password), the convenience from an administration perspective should outweigh whatever "sensitive" data is at stake to be compromised (homework, research resources), at least at the primary/secondary school level. Of course, if the roll-out has already begun then I would recommend your son install whatever password manager he prefers and choose a "secure" master password and lock his laptop/iPad when he isn't looking at it.

Comment Re:Liability (Score 2) 474

You also have issues of protection. You have people using their PC inside your local network (That is why I use a non-wireless cable modem and use my own Wi-Fi router) So I can control who does and doesn't have access inside my personal network.

From the article: "Comcast says the hotspot – which appears as “xfinitywifi” to those searching for a Wi-Fi connection – is completely separate from the home network. Someone accessing the Net through the hotspot can’t get to the computers, printers, mobile devices, streaming boxes and more sitting on the host network."

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