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Comment Absoluty not. (Score 1) 139

First of all, there are so many overlapping idea patents that it almost certainly has contemporaries. The adaptation of the patent system to cover "processes" has lead us to a quagmire that a corrupt government (such as ours) is paralyzed to strike down. The only way we will see an end to the idea of idea ownership is when it hurts the big dogs. Then.... things will change. I see it starting to crumble now, let's hope this oppressive, startup crushing culture of "more IP better" comes to an abrupt halt soon.

Comment Anontranet (Score 1) 216

Sweet I propose we create a new internet without accountability. A 100% anonymousness network.. the Anontranet! the high level protocol stack will be encrypted by default. No IPs no static route just lazy swarming data streams going to-and-fro ... what a wonderful world it would be...

Comment Possible Patent Play (Score 1) 641

Ellison is out of his fu*king mind if he thinks the community wont build a better JVM. Obviously, Ellison is in control of his faculties, he's quite shrewd and I suspect, he intends to use the idea patents acquired with SUNW to sue anyone that makes the Open JVM competitive with their premium offering.

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