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Comment Where else do I get local coverage? (Score 1) 79

I subscribe to the newspaper because there is no better place to get in depth political coverage for my state and community. Bloggers don't fill the void. TV news doesn't fill the void. Because it's not "sexy" news. It's just the stuff that is most likely affect me on a day-to-day basis. I'm 28, and I support my local newspaper in order to keep my local politicians honest.

Comment The local newspaper (Score 1) 363

I'm 27 and I subscribe to my local news paper. It's the only place to get State Government political coverage, especially since they paywalled a lot of their content. I don't begrudge them the money though because they provide a good service that no bloggers have really stepped in to fill. Local government news isn't sexy, but it's the stuff that effects our lives more than anything else. While those idiots in Washington are arguing over gun control and doing nothing, my State Government is restricting Planned Parenthood funding. This makes it harder for my girlfriend, who relies on Planned Parenthood for OBGYN services, to get the proper checkups she needs. This bullshit effects her (and me) directly. Local papers deserve your support!

Comment I once tried this. Realized it was a mistake (Score 1) 489

I tried to play this game. Two years after graduating with a Computer Science degree and working in industry I thought "Hey, I like thinking about, reading, and analyzing books way more than I do anything else. Maybe I should try to be a Literature professor." So, I went back to school to get a BA in English,test the waters, and build the requisite portfolio. I quickly found out why I didn't actually want to go on to graduate school. 1)I'd spend 5-8 years broke completing graduate school if I went down the PhD path. Lots of lost earnings and missed out enjoyment due to my poorness. 2)Even if I finished the PhD path, my best case starting salary would be around $60k. That's the same I made walking out of college with the Comp Sci degree. There is no financial incentive there for me what soever. 3)Because jobs are so scarce, if you get a job as a professor, you have to take it, even if it is in some small rural town. Also, if you get tenured, you're tied there forever. Screw that. I want to live somewhere cool and metropolitan and be able to move if I want instead of being tied to one area until I die. 4)Academic culture kind of sucks. I'm a fantasy/sci-fi geek and no one is all that interested in discussing books that even slightly fun. It's all got to be incomprehensible and angsty. I like a lot of non-geek books as well, but the majority of books academia wants to talk about are not that entertaining. It's all one big intellectual jerk off festival. 5)I'd spent the rest of my life writing books and papers that only Literature academics would read that would in no contribute to anything I considered useful or important. So yeah, I'll just keep making a good wage with flexible job circumstances and save the book talk for my friends.

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