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Comment Re:While the intent was good... (Score 1) 115

Games are expensive at launch, but prices quickly fall down. Take Nier Automata for example, a highly awaited AAA game. On launch day, it was $60 at retail, $60 at PSN yet around 52 usd at Steam. Not much of a difference, but wait a couple months or the Summer Sale, and it will probably go for 20-30 usd tops. In such a timespan, it will hardly go down in price at retail or PSN, if at all.

Comment Re:nasa as an institution: it hasnt evolved. (Score 1) 262

Maybe its cruel, but its the only way to advance. The projects weren't designed to fail, were designed to success, but they blew up in pieces. The cosmonauts were very concious that their job was a very dangerous one, and accepted the risks. In these endeavours, we put way too much value to human life and safety, this is about exploring and pushing frontiers, both physical and of knowledge, of course there are going to be fatalities among the way, thats why whe say "it's rocket science" for stuff that is hard to do. But as long as the people involved knows the risks involved and accept them, it's ok. Every death advances knowledge and make the next try safer for the next cosmonaut, and both the cosmonauts, and the scientist working with them, deserve my greatest respect.

Submission + - Amazon down (amazon.com)

darkNeko writes: Amazon.com website is down as 15:15hrs PT, returning a custom amazon made error 500 page. It has been like that for almost 30 minutes, wich means a lot of money lost to Amazon, wich joins the club with Google outage, and Microsoft own before that.

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