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Comment Partial question wording (Score 2) 222

If you're interested, here's the beginning of what appears to be the wording of the poll question in English. This is from a PDF on the Ipsos website, which unfortunately truncates the question. No idea how it was rendered in other languages, sorry:

Q. A part of the Internet known as the "Dark Net" is only accessible via special web browsers that allow you to surf the web anonymously. Journalists, human rights activists, dissidents and whistleblowers can use these services to rally against repression, exercise their fundamental rights to free expression and shed light upon corruption. At the same time, hackers, illegal marketplaces (eg. selling weapons and narcotic ...

Comment I've been doing this for years (Score 3, Informative) 91

I routinely skip versions when doing Fedora upgrades. In fact, I just recently upgraded five systems from Fed 21 directly to Fed 23 without any real issues.

Yeah, occasionally, when there are major changes, like when systemd (peace be upon it) was introduced, this might not work, but I've gotten through quite a few version skips just fine.

Comment Re:Done in movies... (Score 4, Insightful) 225

Everything in TFS apparently comes from testimony (which may or may not be accurate, and may or may not be accepted as a fact by the court),

One of the two police officers who dangled him over the balcony confessed to it in court, so as far as mere testimony goes, that's pretty good.

Comment Re:duck or... (Score 4, Informative) 29

That's 10^13 kg, of course.

So, it's heavier than a duck - in fact, since ducks average only a little over a kilogram, and the worldwide population of ducks is likely only on the order of a billion or so, it's heavier than all the ducks in the world put together.

On the other hand, its density implies it would float.

Hmm, I'd recommend burning it, just to be on the safe side. Perhaps the Sun can see to that.

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