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Comment China good, India bad (Score 3, Funny) 108

I think China's move makes sense - they just want to check and make sure there is no backdoor in your code/algo. As an earlier post said "Good encryption does not rely on obfuscation of code and processes." They trust what the users want to encrypt, just making sure the devices are not leaking the info to uninvited parties.

As for India, this is very bad. They are just paranoid. This sets up a very bad example. They are scaring off all the business partners and hence the opportunities. Think if you are a vendor, how can you be sure that they would never do the same thing to you one day?

Comment I think (Score 1) 61

I think you just discovered a big botnet. Countless machines are being used a camouflage to blur out the real man behind the operations.

Probably, it's just a free game with an open door. Anyone who figured out this botnet's protocol would be able to use it for free.

Comment Re:google leaving does help chinese citizens (Score 2, Informative) 125

...despite the government encouraging users to use Baidu,... and that all government employees use Baidu....

This is BS. The government does NOT encourage users to any search engines. It's their free choice of which to use. And who told you all government employees use Baidu? Did you just make this up?

Comment Re:Video decoding under Linux (Score 4, Interesting) 235

I just got a HTPC for me this Xmas. It's Intel Atom N330 dual core + Nvidia ION You can either build it youself or buy a system from some of the vendors. If you build youself, it's cheaper and you can get a much bigger hardrive (1TB), the pre-built systems these days usually ship with 320GB HD. But they usually got a better form factor. Mine got pefect and smooth 1080p playback. I use XBMC ( on ubuntu 9.10 You just need to install the lastest Nvidia driver: Get youself a MCE remote.

Comment Re:Where is Rome? (Score 1) 297

Hell, even the word 'China' refers to the 'Chin' dynasty - a bunch of semi-literate barbarians who overthrew the Ming Dynasty about the time America was being settled.

Actually, "Chin" is from Qin Dynasty 221BC _imperial_china/qin.html:

Also check CIA's website: ch.html
You can find this line:
  221 BC (unification under the Qin or Ch'in Dynasty);

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