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Comment Wrong (Score 1) 253

Above please find a list of people who commented without reading the original source material. Which is the patent itself, not the completely factually incorrect news article. It is not a patent on wireless charging. It's a patent for a specific way of relaying power through a keyboard to a mouse. In other words, a wireless keyboard and mouse where you don't need to change the batteries. Which is them just shooting their own ridiculously expensive rechargable AA battery business in the foot.

Comment Bad math, bad premise (Score 1) 285

If your assumption is that only people in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia speak English, then yes, you can say that only 6% of the world's population speaks English. But your assumption would be very, very wrong. Also, as Javascript is not and never claimed to be a natural language, I don't understand why you think you need to learn English before using it. The definition of "for" in Javascript is so far away from the definition of "for" in English that knowing English doesn't help you grasp how it is used Javascript. Certainly English helps, but if enough documentation exists in another given language, it shouldn't be much harder to learn any given computer language without learning to speak English.

Comment Re:Normally C but... (Score 1) 525

Yeah, I was one of them, only Z-80 before 6502. Difference is with assembly you know you're in the danger zone. C looks safe until you're at the bottom of the pit with bamboo stakes coming through your chest. Also, the scope of what we were writing was much narrower. Pong is easy to code, and so is Space Invaders. The structure is straight forward and fits functional programming well. Hello World on an iPhone is more complicated. It's a whopping one line of code, but you have to understand a lot of concepts right off the bat.

Comment Re:Ignorant post (Score 0) 615

I agree, your post is ignorant. You ignorantly assume that only online authentication systems can impose a delay. But in realty, just about all systems, languages, and OS's have an easy to use delay function and that can easily be added just about anywhere, including in an authentication system. In POSIX C, sleep(60000); will do nicely. Encrypting your hash files is supported and not hard, and also sticking it somewhere other than the default location helps, but there is still such a thing as an incompetent sysadmin. If they can get their modified authentication system running in place of mine, I'm pretty sure I've already lost.

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