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Comment Re:My review. . .as if any of you care (Score 1) 80

that is relatively the same as in lineage 2. again, this game isnt meant for carebear players. if you run around ganking people all day, you're going to get a reputation as a shitbag and everyone is going to in turn gank you (trust in karma). thats what makes these games so much fun. sure, you can complain that its bad design, but frankly this is exactly what lots of people want to play...a game where the gloves come off ;) i really cant wait to play.

Comment Re:My review. . .as if any of you care (Score 1) 80

Very interesting, thanks for the informational response. Being a EU release, this is still playable by people in the US right? (Just gotta purchase it online to flag your account, then connect to the EU servers?) I'm just imagining all their servers are geographically located in Europe at the moment. If I was able to get a buddy of mine back home to download it and snail mail me the install files, would I be able to play? Thanks again for the info, I greatly appreciate it.

Comment Re:My review. . .as if any of you care (Score 1) 80

I'm wondering if you could go into more detail on how the "full looting" effects you. When you said you get "the rush", I quickly relate that statement to dueling in Diablo II "Hardcore Mode". How challenging is it to get back on your feet after a PvP death? In D2HC, it was press escape, delete your character and start again from scratch. I'm assuming it isn't the same here, but seriously how is it? Also, does anyone know if there will be a purchasable DVD? I'm in Iraq and there is a 0% chance I'll be able to download the full 9GB install for this game before I get back to the states, yet I would hate to start playing a month or two behind. Thx.

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