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Comment Re:Bubbles (Score 1) 130

No conspiracy necessary: happy people pay more attention to ads( citation available if anyone cares ), they try to make us happy, trying to make us happy keeps us dumb, and it all serves everyone's short term interests, and no ones' long term interests.

Just curious; did it take longer to write that than to just provide a copy/paste of the link you had in mind?

Comment Re:Snake Oil (Score 1) 114

A problem is, for all of the data that they have available, at least among the group of people that I have discussed this with, Facebook is not doing a very good job at analyzing that data. For example, they grouped a friend into the "Politics (US Conservative) audience" despite the fact that he scored 90+% Green and Democratic Party (and under 15% Republican) on the "I Side With ..." FB application.

And where did you go abouts verifying what group Facebook put your friend in? Maybe they just grouped him into the "asshats that flood facebook with political rants" category. In that case, they probably analyzed the data perfectly.

Comment Re:should have gone with a browser... (Score 3, Funny) 346

Maybe they do now, but the ATMs in question are so old they are running a 12 year old OS. Do you happen to remember the state of HTML and web browsers 12 years ago? I'll give you a hint. They certainly didn't support SVG then.

HTML/SVG tend to be sandboxed to some extent... ditto for JavaScript... how do you propose your HTML based ATM interact with the card reader, cash dispenser, receipt printer or deposit slot?

ATMs are more than just a touch screen with a UI.

ActiveX controls running in IE 7


Comment Re:Efficiency. (Score 1) 937

There are any number of fuzzy logic problems that the computer will never be better at solving as fast and correctly as a human is, simply because the data will be missing. Everyone who claims that the new robotic car overlords will be better and safer at doing everything for us are hopelessly naive.

Mostly agreed with what you were saying, but you seem to be forgetting that the data is missing for humans as well. We are just already adapted to look for the warning signs. Nothing says that a computer can not also be adapted to look for them, though I agree that AI technology is not quite there yet. Considering how unimaginable/intangible something like Google Glass was 25 years ago. It would be naive to say we can predict how crazy technology will progress 25 years from now.

Comment Re:Puzzling (Score 1) 325

You mean that up til now it has been widely believed that a super volcano required an external "trigger" before it erupted? I'm no vulcanologist, but I've been intrigued with super volcanoes for over ten years now, and in everything I've read or seen I don't recall anyone saying that some sort of external trigger was needed to "light the fuse", so to speak.

I'm no vulcanologist either, but I can still "live long and prosper."

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