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Journal Journal: Why I'm not participating in the 'Blackout' 5

A few reasons:
  • First and foremost, I think the whole thing is a huge overreaction to what Taco said. He's a technical guy, quoting stats about what to him is a technical problem (ad revenue), and some folks took it as a personal attack of some sort. I doubt very much that it was intended as such; get over it.
  • Who is this supposed to hurt? If your contention is that comments are what makes Slashdot great (and I'd 50% agree with you), then you're effectively trying to rob all your fellow Slashdot readers of the experience for a week. At best, this seems likely to just make more people more angry than they already are. What's the point of that?
  • The whole thing stems, IMHO from an 'us-vs.-them' mentality that, in turn, grew from all the griping about the moderation system. And the griping about the moderation just pisses me off. There's nothing wrong with the moderation system. If there is a cabal of moderators, I'm somehow not privy to it despite moderating on a regular basis.

    The only thing that's wrong is that Slashdot doesn't have a good 'meta' section like some other sites do. That means that any discussion of the moderation system in a post to a story about robots or something is, in fact, off-topic. And then complaints about being modded as off-topic are also off-topic. Check out the numbers on why your post was modded down--it's always 'Off-topic'. This isn't a conspiracy, it's just reading the rules.

    And while I agree that the lack of a 'meta' forum is a problem, this 'blackout' isn't a solution to it.

So there you have it. I'm not normally a frequent poster, but I'll be sure to take the extra time to post this week if I have something to say.

Sombody's got to keep things running while you guys are off sulking.

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