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Comment These are just glorified web bookmarks (Score 1) 74

Wouldn't you just collect money from your website when they try to access your web services and collect money from your site? I really don't understand how they can do this without a username and password. And it's not compiled code, you can just view source and capture everything. It's like people have forgotten that they have a web browser on their phone. The concept of the OS is good for certain apps, but it's only going to work if Apple, Google and MS use it too (which they won't).

Comment It's not about the money, it's about the press (Score 1) 192

He might not like the way Nobel picks the winners. The awards with the most money behind it gets the most people the show up and the most press. If he agree with the way Nobel does it, he would just add to the prize money This is the cool part of his way: "As for the panel's composition, he admits that "any nine names I would have chosen would not be a perfect set". Future prizewinners will be chosen by winners from previous years. As the prize committee gradually expands, Milner believes that any imbalances in the panel will self correct. Each year, the laureates will also select three junior researchers to receive a $100,000 'New Horizons' prize, and, if warranted, a winner of an ad hoc prize."

Comment Re:Basic truth: most new drugs don't work (Score 1) 216

Yeah, but this really isn't a drug. There are many other surgical procedures where they use your own body parts or fluids. Athletes are doing it now, so there's your clinical testing. We'll know the results in a few years. I personally wouldn't get it done until I see more positive results like Kobe and Bartolo Colon.

Comment Business Apps need a Fat Client; Go Silverlight! (Score 1) 277

Silverlight is supported until 2021 or something, and at least I feel it's feature complete to do everything I want it to. Even if it goes away it's not that hard to port everything to WPF or Metro. Metro is a fail for business apps because it's a closed system and you have to submit apps to the marketplace. It really doesn't matter WPF or Silverlight to me, but Silverlight is easier to install and can be used on mac and windows. Yeah everyone can write a fun website, but it's business applications that pay the bills for most of us. HTML can't and never will be able to do things like print a document correctly.

Comment Acupuncture does work but can't be tested (Score 1) 566

much of it depends on the skills of the acupuncturist and what methods they use. If they just grab some random guy who has studied acupuncture for 1 year and knows from a book where to stick the pins, it's not going to be as effective as someone who has studied from masters for 20 years. Acupuncture basically is a science because they've used trial and error and test subjects for 1000s of years. If you do it right, they needles send an electrical signal to the brain, saying something is wrong. The brain then responds. You can almost think of it as a keyboard for the brain.

Comment This isn't 1999 (Score 2) 332

You can fill software positions. I guess if you're an insecure boss who only wants to hire people H1B so you can pay them less, treat them like crap, and they're almost forced to stay with the same company; then this will work out for you. Oh and software developers from India don't really want to come over to the US as much as they used to.

Comment Re:35,000 Deaths from car accidents every year in (Score 1) 282

The point is, these deaths easily be avoided. 35,000 a year is a lot. You can take .014 and multiply by 80-100 for each year of your life and it's a 1% chance. There is an easy solution right in front of us. And people are always going to drive drunk, no matter how much you educate them. And some people are just going to be bad drivers. And sometimes there will just be human error, fog, or other hazards that a computer will avoid. This freedom argument is garbage when you're endangering other people's lives.

Comment 35,000 Deaths from car accidents every year in US (Score 5, Insightful) 282

Yet no one seems to care. 500 US troops die a year in the middle east and it's a huge deal. These are 35,000 deaths that can easily be avoided. And that's only in the United States Yeah there'll be a few deaths, but probably 99% of the 35,000 will be avoided. Everyone should be forced to own one of these considering how many pedestrians are run over. People have to get over their own greed to drive a car fast though.

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