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Comment Re:Basic (Score 1) 602

I had a TRS80 as well, learned some BASIC. Found out it was pretty easy to write BASIC, but it was also easy to use more memory than the device had. Had that for about 5 years until we got our 386SX based PC, where I started out using Pascal.

In high school they had Pascal and hypercard, from what I remember. Post-secondary introduced me to C/C++ and assembler. I still remember hooking int13h with assembler on my PC and accidentally roasting the partition tables and other bits rendering my machine (and some recent not backed up schoolwork) useless. It was then I learned use a spare PC for experimenting... ;-)

Unfortunately I'm really rusty, last time I did any sort of coding was when I had to fix Highpoint's Rocketraid driver after a kernel ABI change (maybe 10 years ago?), and Highpoint didn't seem interested in fixing it at all.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 435

I'm keen to know which government body would do such a stupid thing.

All of them? I'm in Canada and our municipality has the same bylaw: hanging clothes outside is an eyesore and you aren't allowed to have a clothesline.

That and it's usually somewhat humid outside where I live, it's about 80% right now.

Comment Re:What's a PC? Also, WTF, IDC? (Score 1) 130

For those of you who may be confused, the Surface Pro 3 is a PC.

Agreed, I have one as well. Some months ago I got tired of the thought of Microsoft spying on me so I shrunk the Windows partition and installed linux, haven't even booted Windows since then. Still have to tweak it a bit to get it to work the way I want, but it works.

Comment Re:Mint (Score 1) 510

I have pointed (and installed) Mint for many people. It is very easy to use.

One person, however, had to install Ubuntu on their own - the Mint kernel was missing a driver needed for a new laptop that the Ubuntu kernel supported, and he had no idea how to compile a kernel and didn't particularly want to learn.

So I'd say Mint first, Ubuntu second, but if you're installing on old hardware it really shouldn't make much difference. The only issue I can see for day-to-day use for the average person is printer and scanner support.

Comment Re:Bias from personal preference (Score 2) 183

We've came to the same observation. We still want some collaboration between members and currently have a few large open spaces with a lot of desks, and we've found out from feedback from everyone involved that if there are sectioned off areas with 4-6 desks each the distractions are much lower (we've tested this at a different site.)

Comment Re:I'll stick with HDDs for now (Score 1) 167

Not necessarily the case. I have taken apart multiple desktop and enterprise/server grade drives to remove platters.

Every enterprise/server grade drive I've taken apart has slightly different construction inside - circuit boards are a different design, and the magnet/head assembly is MUCH beefier in the enterprise/server drives. It is, however, disheartening seeing over the last decade or so how cheap the manufacturers have become in construction of these drives.

Comment Re: Non-removable battery (Score 1) 111

My G4 phone has been great. I'm now at 21 months of use (and I use my phone a lot for work, I drain the battery completely before the end of the day) and it's now just starting to show signs of battery degradation. I remember hardly using it at all the one weekend (2 days) and it only dropped to about 82% or so.

I guess when the battery finally gives out on my G4 I'll have to consider one of those big arse batteries.

I had two Samsung phones prior (S1 and S3) and both phones showed signs of battery fatigue at the 13-14 month mark. By the 24 month mark the OEM batteries on my Samsungs were useless.

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