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Comment Re:Outlook (Score 1) 156

So I suppose if I were forced to use Outlook on mobile, I could.

Don't bother. While Outlook in the Play Store allows you to completely turn off threading, it's 2016 and Microsoft can't be arsed to hyperlink URLs in text emails properly. Which means you have to copy and paste it in browsers. I tried it as I was tired of Gmail constantly threading stuff wrong, but boy it was an exercise in patience...

Comment Re:Don't forget the iBook G3's and.. (Score 1) 347

Apple quality has never been that good, but they charge a premium for it nonetheless and whitewash over its failings to a consumer base that will buy it even if it is crap compared to the competition.

Designed in California, built in China.

Makes me wonder if they fully controlled the manufacturing in the US if the quality would be better. That would justify the astronomical price difference.

Comment Re:No more KDE (Score 1) 127

I should mention I tried a few other DEs, Mate, xfce, and a couple others which I've now forgotten - mostly tools like the file browsers feel like a regression back into the 1990s. What do you mean I can't click and drag files and get a popup asking what I can do with them (move, copy, etc)? KDE feels like the least annoying of the bunch as far as usability, but that's not something to strive for.

Comment Re:No more KDE (Score 1) 127

Several months ago the distribution I use decided to force plasma on everyone, and for me it made my desktop unusable. It was crashing all the time and doing other strange things. I was told to use the nvidia driver instead of nouveau but that made no difference whatsoever, so, quite annoyed, I went back to kde4 which was in some really strange state due to the way packages are handled (some things required kde5???)

Recently after trying to apply updates it was not possible to stay on kde4 unless you stopped updating. kde5 is now stable that I turned off all compositing and desktop effect crap. HOWEVER, task switching is so damn slow it constantly interrupts my workflow. You press alt+tab, and nothing happens. You press it again, nothing happens. You press it three times in a row, and FINALLY, it decides to scroll through open windows. It's frustrating as hell, and yes, I've tried changing task switcher properties, and none of the many settings I've tried fixes this.

I wish I just hadn't updated my PC, security fixes be damned.

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