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Comment Re:Another opportunity to rape customers - sweet! (Score 1) 139

" and it might bill the holdouts for the full retail cost of the phone."
Which Samsung I'm pretty sure already technically paid them off for.

How can you be so sure? I am thinking based on such actions that Samsung will not reimburse Verizon at all until the phones are retrieved from their customers.

Comment Re:Yeah, but non-swappable battery and no stereo j (Score 1) 106

I own a LG G4 currently.

I used to strictly buy Samsung phones, but when they went to sealed batteries I didn't follow. I've always had some sort of problem with Samsung's phones, whether it be a bad battery or some other weird quirkiness that I'd have to reset my phone every other day.

I have discovered, now that I bought something besides a Samsung, that it is Samsung and not Android like I previously thought. I've had my G4 for a year and a half and haven't had any hardware issues. I did have a software issue when updating from 5.x to 6.x that required me to software reset my phone, but I haven't had any issues since then. I doubt I'll ever buy a Samsung again, at least in the Android ecosystem end users actually have a choice of manufacturer.

Actually, now that they've taken away the removeable battery and headphones jack, it guarantees I'll never buy one. I want a phone that's actually functional and can run alternate browsers. If I wanted to get a phone that went full-Apple-retard, I'd just buy an iPhone, not an Android device.

Comment Re:I have a semi-smart watch (Score 1) 112

A while back I went back to an old flip phone for a few days. I'd forgotten how nice it was to only have to charge my phone once a week. I almost didn't go back to my smartphone... but work email. Sigh.

When I had a watch it would work for years on a battery. It's bad enough having to plug in the damn phone every night. Which is why I don't have a smartwatch.

Comment Re:The survey between the commercials. (Score 1) 137

I have an OTA antenna setup, and I do get live sports occasionally.

I've found it to be much less of a time waster to record the first 45 minutes of a hockey game before I start watching it. I can skip the commercials and the intermissions and can watch a game in an hour instead of three and don't have to listen to the ads or some sports guys blabbing during intermissions.

It just saves so much time.

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