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Submission + - Project Management Software

dannys42 writes: "Are there any good OSS/commercial project management software out there? It seems like most people use either Bugzilla or Trac these days. While both are fine products, what I'd like have is a tool that can actually work with whatever development process a project is running under.

As an example: I might want bugs, feature enhancements, additions, etc. to all be listed. This much works fine with existing Bugzilla/Trac. However, I want to be able to assign roles to people and have the tool automatically hand things off to the responsible people in the next part of the flow. So a typical flow might look like this:
    1. Q&A person files a bug report
    2. project manager assigns bug to the software development, bug fixing team
    3. the bug fixers fix the code
    4. the testers test and approve the changes
    5. project manager gets a notification of the update, and accepts it for the next release version

So in any part of this flow, I should be able to see all affected files and lines of code. Converseley I should be able to query any line of code and get the "paper trail" for why it was there (ie. was it a bug fix or a feature enhancement, who made the request, what were the design requirements, etc.).

Of course this is a specific process flow that I just made up and any real product should allow you to define the various roles people can have and what the process flow should be... there may be different paths for bugs vs features. And some flows may very well be iterative (bug fix, test, bug fix test). And there's a few more issues to deal with. For example, a software developer typically whould make many commits of a project or pieces of a project as part of a single feature-set or bug fix. So ideally the software should understand this as well.

I've yet to see anything like this in the OSS world... I know you /can/ do some of this with Bugzilla/Trac with some clever use of milestone/version tags. But the result requires a decent amount of training on using the tool and is fairly prone to error.

I know it's a bit corporate-oriented, but I imagine a tool like this would benefit many OSS projects out there as well (particularly the larger ones). Is anyone familiar with any software that allows for this type of project management software? In particular one that plays nice with Subversion?"

Submission + - What distros should companies support?

dannys42 writes: "I work for a cool company that works with, among other things, embedded Linux systems. We'd like to provide an SDK for our customers and will likely support one or two Linux distros and a windows+cygwin environment as a build environment. Up until now, I'd assumed that most corporate developers were using Fedora, simply because of its similarity to Redhat Enterprise and of course its maturity. But I'm curious to know, for those fortunate enough to develop for embedded Linux, what distribution do you expect to be supported for a build environment?"

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