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Comment Amazing journalistic work! (Score 1) 125

It's this kind of hard hitting, no holds barred, painstaking research that makes me proud to see nanny sites like this. I don't know if I could ever take the time, or put forth the effort, to dig deep enough to find admitted and well documented conflicts of interest like this. They even took the time to present it to us in a that makes us want to believe in their hard work. Truly amazing. (The preceding is entirely a work of sarcasm.)

Comment Re:Mega Dollars? (Score 1) 528

Obviously they have the power to bring the dead back to life. Now we have to worry about Zombie Ding-Dong's, Zombie Ho-Ho's, and Zombie Cupcakes. Twinkies are immortal and therefore can not be Zombies, although that raises other questions about them.....

Comment Can you write an ethical article? (Score 1) 412

I wonder how the person who wrote this can do so with a clean conscience? It just give people yet another thing to stress over when they can't really do anything about it. We have two options. 1) Use technology 2) Don't use technology While option one MAY cause people to fret, after this article, there is not much anyone can do about it. Option 2 is definitely viable, but uncomfortable for many many people. I swear to the Tech Gods that if ANYONE comes out with "organic technology" I will personally use my homeopathic c-clamp to crush their testicles.

Comment Re:The EFF's argument makes sense. (Score 1) 887

I disagree. While I do not like the thought of the government being able to look through my digital documents, how is it any different than keeping paper documentation? If I have a locked file cabinet filled with evidence the police can, with a proper warrant, sieze said cabinet, open it up and search it. At it's core, an encrypted hard drive is not much different from the aforementioned cabinet. A change in technology, paper to silicon, should not exempt people from the laws of society.

Comment Understatement? (Score 1) 262

I wouldn't call that an understatement. It was probably the most accurate statement in the whole piece. He was 100% correct although looking back on it from 2011 it seemsa bit nieve. I doubt anyone at that time could have imagined all that it is now. Even the most optimistic internet researcher would have laughed at the concept of me writing this on my phone and having people all around the would read it in a matter of seconds, but that is how far it has come. In another 17 years we will all be able to look back and say the same about whatever new technology we have then. It is the way of the human race.

Comment Re:What grounds? (Score 1) 973

Publishing and/or reporting on classified materials is espionage/treason. Reporters aren't stupid, they will usually keep piddly shit to themselves, and only risk jail time for serious news. Wikileaks distributed a bunch of information of which 75% is shit. "American Ambassador thinks Polish Ambassador is a poopy-head" is not something an actual reporter would even care about. World governments are like children at a play ground. Wikileaks disclosed some serious secrets, but what pissed governments off was the little crap. If someone slaps you in the face you get pissed and wants to fight back. If someone puts a gun to your head, and you live, you try and put things back together and how you never see them again.

Comment Re:attorneys (Score 1) 973

What do you mean by "right"? Are we talking morally, or logically? Morally, Assange is still alive. The US hasn't killed him yet, so that's a good thing. Logically, he should gave been taken out before anyone knew how he was. No fame no martyr. In that case, this was a huge fuck up.

Comment Re:Also in the news.. USA Might feed him to Bears! (Score 1) 973

You just illustrated his point perfectly. rhavin was trying to point out how other groups use the US, and the things they do, to distract from the bad things these other groups do. Stop being such a hypocrite. Just because the US is supposed to be civilized and still does horrible things, does not make it acceptable for other countries to do.

Comment Re:Sorry but that is BS (Score 1) 1020

Then why is he still alive? Neither Saddam not Bin Laden ever left their respective countries on anything other than a camel and a walking path. I doubt that Assange travels that way, and can probably be tracked by many counties. If we are to that these nations can smear someone so easily, then tracking should be simple. If they truly wanted him dead, he would be. However, of the countless individual lives he has touched, I would imagine there are one or two who are pissed off and crazy enough to try something. These are the people he should be afraid of, if he is not than he is a fool.

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