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Comment Re:How granular is power company metering currentl (Score 2) 167

In fact the meter is a far more accurate measure than the thermostat ever could be. It only controls one appliance in a household, and you have no idea what kind of appliance they are actually hooked up to. It could be super efficient, or an old clunker... gas or electric...geothermal? There has to be more to this.

Comment Bad Design, simple fix (Score 1) 394

No need to re-engineer. Just need a simple rule.

All cars should cut gas as soon as the brakes are engaged. Imagine the effect that would have had on Toyota a few years back. Double-pedal is a failure, and should be interpreted as such. Gas should not override/overcome the brakes. What if there was a mechanical failure in the gas pedal that led to a Full on position? Not to mention the energy wasted during such a maneuver.

Why hasn't this happened?

Comment Well, since you are listening (Score 2) 2219

1) Please stop the never ending slide towards making slashdot into a "modern" graphics heavy website. If I want gizmodo or I'll go there on my own.

2) I don't come here for wizbang buzzword features. I come here to READ about them.

3) My preference would be to even scrap the current implementation and go back 4-5 years when the site was much faster and more usable.

4) On the mobile side... you just need to start over. I find it very frustrating to use and have honestly almost removed it from my bookmarks.

Comment Study directly reflects my personal experience (Score 2) 237

The only thing I found flawed in the study was how many seagate drives actually made it through the warranty period.

My personal experience shows a failure rate of seagate drives at around 300-400%(pool of 20-30 drives). What I am saying is that not only did the original drives fail, but the "refurbished" replacements failed as well, numerous times. Not a single drive got through warranty without the nice green border. The amount I spent on advanced replacements could have bought me quite a few new drivers from another vendor.

I no longer buy seagate drives. I do not have any abnormal failure rates on the other brands I use.

Comment Re:I'm fine with nuclear power. (Score 2) 442

I'm not.... not sure I ever will be again. I have long supported nukes for power as a good alternative to our many other heavily polluting technologies. But I was over looking a major detail. The systems are not and cannot be fail safe.

At the same time, there is no other competing technology that has anything close to the potential downside that nuclear energy has. I always worried about reactor control, and never really gave much thought to the holding pools. But the pools have much more fuel, and are not heavily protected. If cooling is disrupted, even when everything is "shut down", you are looking at a horrible disaster. Its not worth it.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 2, Interesting) 321

You run a server of any kind. In the old days of novell, we had severs with 6 year uptimes. Not possible today simply from patches, not crashes.

This service has the potential to get us closer to that ever distant 100% uptime. It could definately stack another 9 on 99.999

Comment Re:Holy Crap! Calm down (Score 2, Interesting) 1092

As a parent with a mentally disabled child, I do not agree.

Our children live in a world still devoid of danger and threat. They expect us, their elders to protect them from harm. That falls to the caretakers as well as us parents. Since we parents have little choice as far as where our children are housed everyday, we have to make other choices and decisions.

I do not see this as an over reaction. I see it as well thought out, and keeping the idea of the child's privacy in mind. The solutions that are out there and available to us today are poor worst, expensive at best. Considering whats available off the shelf, this should be doable on your own.

Does anyone here have any valuable advice other than satire and sensationalism? I could use it myself. I'm just as lost as the poster, and in desperate need.

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