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Journal Journal: My experience with Slashdot

about me...

I've been reading /. since the beginning, although for the first year or two I didn't read it a lot. Because I had too much disabled in Netscape (javascript/etc.), it never seemed to work when I'd try to get an account after accounts became available. I wanted to get one before the account numbers went above 10,000, 100,000, etc., but was always sidetracked. [Internet Explorer (maybe not), Netscape, and Opera (came along a little later, I think) were the only browsers available for Windows with enough features to make them worthwhile, as far as I can remember. I used Mosaic/Lynx/etc. very infrequently, and usually only to test HTML code to see how browser-friendly it was. Netscape and Opera were "the way to go" for many of us back then.] I was successful in obtaining an account sometime after the 100,000 mark, but I cannot remember the username or password. I think I may have gotten one earlier than that, but I can't remember anything about that one. Man, that was a LONG time ago.

Whee. :-)

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