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Comment Re:"exposed to the elements" (Score 1) 133

Quoting from the article linked to in the summary:

"The CenturyLink-owned cable — actually, a set of cables bundled together in a black jacket a few inches in diameter — was buried several feet under the rocky soil in a dry wash, about a quarter-mile from the nearest houses and a couple of miles from an outlet mall."

So "several feet under the rocky soil" ... that sounds like it'd be a pain to access, unless the dry wash is just rocks and sand.

Comment Re:iPhone (Score 1) 207

agreed :)
+1 to you. i was going to mention 2001 as well. But they (and the ST ones) look more like a Toshiba Excite or Sony S1 than an iPad.

  (NO ONE IN THE FUTRUE USES WHITE PLASTIC, execpt for Storm Troopers and the imperial guard, then it is for cloths not gadgets. Everyone knows Space is dirty hehehe)

That was "A Long Time Ago" ...so NOT in the future/'futrue'.

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