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Comment Re:Should X be mandatory? (Score 1) 861

You think it's bad now? Wait until your city enacts this and really pushes for the sanitation guys to start bringing in some money. No matter how good you are at sorting beforehand, you will get caught by that odd piece of metal or plastic that somehow ended up in the garbage.

So how much is the fine for putting trash in the recycling bin? ;)


Submission + - How Your Username May Betray You (technologyreview.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: By creating a distinctive username—and reusing it on multiple websites—you may be giving online marketers and scammers a simple way to track you. Four researchers from the French National Institute of Computer Science (INRIA) studied over 10 million usernames—collected from public Google profiles, eBay accounts, and several other sources. They found that about half of the usernames used on one site could be linked to another online profile, potentially allowing marketers and scammers to build a more complex picture the users.

"These results show that some users can be profiled just from their usernames," says Claude Castelluccia, research director of the security and privacy research group at INRIA, and one of the authors of a paper on the work. "More specifically, a profiler could use usernames to identify all the site [profiles] that belong to the same user, and then use all the information contained in these sites to profile the victim." ....


Submission + - Is IE the most influential tech product? (zdnet.co.uk)

superglaze writes: "CompTIA has done a survey on the most influential tech products of the last 25 years (CompTIA's age, not coincidentally), and four of the top five just happen to be Microsoft products. OK, so we know Microsoft and CompTIA go way way back in their crusade against open source, but does anyone here actually agree with this list? What are the most inflential tech products, anyway?"

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